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Any Ferrari Daytona Replica Experts in the house? Need some help ID'ing the builder!

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  • Any Ferrari Daytona Replica Experts in the house? Need some help ID'ing the builder!

    Hello everyone! Starting the process of looking for a Ferrari Daytona replica. It's hard to get a lot of good info on the cars, particularly ones sold by dealers.

    Equally hard is trying to figure out what's important in the build since they vary so wildly.

    The one I'm most interested in is being sold on ebay by Motoexotica (It was suggested to not have any external links in my first few postings) and the ebay ID is 383503653630.

    It's a red 1975 model.

    However, it's unclear to me who may have built the car. I called the dealer and they don't know. Apparently Rowley cars have and ID plate which this does not. However, it does have the smaller fender flares and no Alfa door handle which is supposed to indicate a Rowley.

    What's the most strange about this car are the doors. It uses the GM door handle, and unlike most builds which have a very smooth door-to-fender transition, this car is sort of notched where the top of the door meets the front fender.

    it's also missing the light cover NOR does it have the pop-ups which is strange too.

    Any experts (armchair or otherwise) have any clues about this car or it's builder? I'm kind of sweet on it, but want to some research before spending all the $$.


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    I'm trying to figure out how to post or link images, perhaps some kind member can do this until I have enough posts?


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      Testing to see if this works


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        I built a few but that's not mine I still many parts left if you need any


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          Originally posted by Corellian Corvette View Post
          Testing to see if this works

          Sweet ride!


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