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What's a show quality F355 replica go for?

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    Re:What's a show quality F355 replica go for?

    Originally posted by dj_golden
    Reply #16 on: May 16, 2004, 02:51:24 PM Reply with quote | Modify | Remove

    When you sent me your invoice you told me the parts were in the box and ready to go. Also after everything, I said fine just send me what you have (which would be less than what I paid for so you would still owe me money) and that was 2 weeks ago! I am tired of you're excuses, and feel you are irresponsible and unreliable for which I am sorry. I have lost faith in your ability to deliver so therefor I have contacted Paypal for a refund as 1700 is a lot to pay someone for nearly 2 months and not recieve anything in return no matter what the promises! If anytime in the future you do manage to get hold of some parts that I paid for and you send them to me I will release the money back to you.

    Hey DKOV: if u have time why don't u reply this ??????????????
    I'm wondering if you are going to follow DKOV from thread to thread harassing him in everyone else's subjects about this? From what I have read on the forum, it seems that there have been changes in items ordered and he is trying to accomodate those changes. Yet any time he post in any thread, you try to slam him with this. It's making the forum not very much fun. I didn't come into this thread to read an argument. I came in here to hear opinions on what a show quality 355 should cost. Of course, everyone has their own opinions and mine is that your apparent attempts to discredit DKOV are not working, but only making you look like someone who is a lot of trouble to deal with. Again, I can't speak for everyone else on the forum, but I'd rather not see this in every thread where he posts a response. Slam me if you wish, but he has several thousand dollars of my money and I have no complaints about the service I am getting from him... Of course, my original order is still intact without changes that take more time.
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      Re:What's a show quality F355 replica go for?


      Great news today! Headlight found by Bondo Bob. It has been purchased and it is on the way to John Watson this week.

      I believe your project car will be 100% mounted and ready for whatever else you will need to do to it within a few days after John gets the light assembly.

      Now, if we can get the extended windshields from Trevor for the other projects we are all building, it will be a great day in America!

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        Re:What's a show quality F355 replica go for?

        Uh thanks

        I know John said he needed extras too... it's agood thing too. We're all finding them.

        DKOV -


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          Re:What's a show quality F355 replica go for?

          For a while there I was starting to think that this was a caht about DKOV's order status. Then I read the subject title. DKOV is a good businessman and there are times were things happen and slow down a business. Even on Rides, Monster Garage, Hot Rod, and some of the other shows. At least DKOV informs people what is going on. So with that said KILL THE GRUDGE and lets keep this as an informative chat group.


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