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I lied today!(Scenceless rambleing)

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  • I lied today!(Scenceless rambleing)

    Ok, so I pull into the gas station to get gas,go inside to pay,dude says nice car,what kinda engine you have in it and I say it had a v12 (which it does say on the rear)then I said I had it replaced with a V6 because parts are much cheeper and it has better fuel economy.I was never good at streching the truth or lieing.Anyway quite a few people think it's  real.I enjoy watching peoples reaction (wooohooo Ferrari),because in this mid size town no one has a real, or kit Ferrari except me.Ocasionaly people even wave.Once I almost even caused an accident,chick was looking in the rear view mirror and she kept her eyes glued to the car or me,well the light changed ahead and she kept driveing (about 50mph)by the time she realzied the light had changed and the car in front of her,she stomped on the brakes to keep from hitting the car in front of her (whew,did she smoke those tires,12 ft skid marks,Thank God she didn't hurt her self.My faverate is when people do a double take,they look, turn around, then take a long look at the car again or when I look in my rear view mirror and see people turn around,with a expresion like WTF is that.Those are pricess moments.I need to rig up a video camera.
    The road to life is full of flat squirrels, who couldn't make up their mind!

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