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The greatest news for all of us!!!

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  • The greatest news for all of us!!!

    $27.6K with a day and a half left!!!  and this is a inferior kit, normally aspirated 2.8 with an unfinished interior!

    Looks like our investments are pretty solid and thats great news.....

    Lets have a quick office pool to guess what this will end at....

    My guess is....$32.5K

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    Re: The greatest news for all of us!!!

    Year 1900???
    The road to life is full of flat squirrels, who couldn't make up their mind!


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      Re: The greatest news for all of us!!!

      Yeah 007.. Year 1900, but it passes 1996 emissions with an mid-80s Fiero engine.. Go figure!

      Well, I'd hate to even venture a guess since it is already about 5 times what it is worth, especially considering that it is a fake convertible. Obviously the bidders know nothing about kit cars or just didn't pay much attention.. I pity the winner when they figure it out.
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        Re: The greatest news for all of us!!!

        like I say it's great news for us.

        Don't wake a sleeping dog they say...if theres an eager public willing to pay this for that because it has pretty little pics, then it's up to us to privde the same pretty little pics for the same hungry public should we sell ours.

        Moreover, I personally think theres simply a hungry public with mouths watering for a finished turn-key.  I'll just bet theres a large segment out there just ready to pay top dollar for something they can drive away...A huge priority difference between a builder and an owner.

        Moral of the story; when 90% of kits available are unfinished, when John Q Public sees a well photographed, finished turn-key,  he'll jump....

        I have yet to see a finished, "well done" 355 even hit the public market at all...$40-45K wouldnt suprise me for the right buyer to say...."that is what I want, period"

        I'll be selling mine as soon as the right 360 kit becomes available...

        and with...

        3.4dohc 5 sp
        winshield/short doors
        rebuilt susp
        vette brakes
        Juno int
        real ferrari (badging, lights, wheels, exhaust)
        aluminum interior
        momo 360 type wheel etc

        I dont see why I shouldn't ask and get say $39-42K?  Just do the math and factor in the exclusivity of the car itself.

        You may laugh but you really shouldn't... 

        It's squarely on our own shoulders to SET the market and create the validity for these numbers.


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          Re: The greatest news for all of us!!!

          I think e-bay is a bit of a joke at times see the same cars  sold over and over again ...either the bidder or seller fail to come bet is you will see this car for sale again  and that big chunk of change will never change hands...just my .02c...john


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            Re: The greatest news for all of us!!!

            johns you have a great point...

            the winning bidder on kit cars invariably has a feedback rating of "0".  My feedback is 400 and I even flaked on a guy.  LOL. I didn't ask for my deposit back from the poor fella in exchange for no neg feedback and the ironic thing was I then I was hounded by a guy that missed the auction end and actually sold him the car within a week and got the deposit back...I actually could have made a few grand if that would have been my objective. THere is a hot market out there. Just finding the right buyer is the key.

            And I bet even when the deal gets close and the person say flies out to look at the car, you get a lot of "disclosures" and "oh, yea, I meant to tell you about thats"

            I guess it's the nature of the biz.

            On the other hand, sometime back when I was looking at buying a"turn-key", all that were on the market were getting sucked up like cabbage patch kids at xmastime so it's a hard call.

            Autotrader and Dupont registry would probably be a much more effective tool in terms of a solid buyer, however ebay is a great marketting resource to find approximate market value.


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