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  • murc info and feed back

    starting soon so you guys need to speak up on what you think it should be
    it is going to come off a dead ground set up cads are being reworked  now
    should be done soon
    no joke dont have time to play alot going on so if you have some feed back then lets hear it
    if you want the headlight buckets built into it then tell us
    stuff like that is what we need to know I am not builing this to fit a feairo so please dont
    ask it is going to be wide and mean changes will be made as we go along so if you have any ideas or
    think something will look good then hit us  with your feed back

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    Re: murc info and feed back

    Buckets of what?


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      Re: murc info and feed back

      is that ment like are you maken fun of what i said?
      just asking
      or is it a real ?


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        Re: murc info and feed back

        Oh I see you added headlight to the post.I didnt know what you ment.I didnt think it was ready for bucket seats. Its starting to look more like a car now.


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          Re: murc info and feed back

          lol bob it will but not now


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            Re: murc info and feed back

            A roofline that isn't flat, but truer to the original. Also the wheel base, even though it's a stretch it's still no where near the original. But if your using a fiero, I guess there's only so far you'd wanna stretch the chassis before it becomes a real safety hazard.


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              Re: murc info and feed back

              the roof line will be more rounded and true to the sence if you would say
              ty for the feed back I agree and the door jambs are my big thing have to be right
              and the nose of all things was my big worry


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                Re: murc info and feed back

                Ohhh Noo again!!!! ;D what happen to all the cole murci's? the kit already made pics you promised me? the Murci roadster kit?
                damn fed ex really messes things up in this industry. I think there is a conspiracy by fed ex goin on!!

                WHAT CAN BROWN DO FOR YOU?

                Just bustin your balls LOL :
                The Needles Dance, The Gauges Glow,
                As Engine Speed & Heartbeat Grow,
                Gears They Shift 'Neath Anxious Thumbs,
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                  Re: murc info and feed back

                  I know Dan ! lol
                  but this time is different no one is invald with the design nothing
                  will happen to it !

                  you guys will see it from the ground I am not like all the rest buying steves kit witch I
                  think is a really good kit
                  but for you guys claining to have a nuts on kit then show it ! stop telling all of us that it is a nuts on kit and showing us
                  steves kit


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