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  • Fiero-Based Kit Car FAQ

    This site has been in operation for about a year now, so I thought it would be a good time to begin the writing of a Frequently Asked Questions about buying/building fiero based kit cars. I know there are a lot of knowledgable people on this board, so together I think we can put together something great.

    So, to brainstorm some most-asked questions:

    What's the easiest kit to build?

    I only have XX,XXX dollars, can I afford to build a kit?

    I've never worked with fiberglass before, how hard is it to use?
    What type of fiero should I buy?

    What should I upgrade first on my kit car? What order of operations should be used when building a kit?

    How do I judge the fiberglass quality of a kit?

    Should I buy from this company? How do I know if a company is reputable?

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    Re: Fiero-Based Kit Car FAQ

    ~Which kits from which companies require frame modification?
    ~Which year car would be a good Fiero donor?
    ~How do i reinforce the frame for convertable tops
    ~Where can i find convertable kits?
    ~What parts from which cars can be used to help make the Fiero a convertable
    ~What extra parts asides from the molds are needed to make the EXTERIOR of the car complete? Where can those be found?
    ~What should be used to replicate a wheel well liner?
    ~How is a front extension made for most 355 kits?
    ~How can I make the Fiero tires pertrude more to accomidate the 6 inch width increase of most kits (namly the 355)? Without using spacers that will ruin the axle or bearings!
    ~Do the side view mirrors have to me changed for most kits?

    Those are about all of the ones i've asked and still do want to ask.

    Happy Holidays
    Steven Rossi<br />~Kit Car Wanted~


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      Re: Fiero-Based Kit Car FAQ

      Hey Ari, I'm confused. Do you want us to brainstorm more questions...or brainstorm the questions you asked?

      Filip's Falcon GT:[url][/url]


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        Re: Fiero-Based Kit Car FAQ

        Either I just don't have the free time right now to write up answers to the questions, but either questions our answers would be great.


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