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  • Countach Replica - New to me!

    Thoughts? I think it’s an American Fiberbodies kit. V8. I think it needs a wider stands at the front and some lift in the back. I also need to drop and move the seat back so I can fit better. Click image for larger version

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    Congrats on the buy!!

    Looks nice. Good foundation to start from. Is that a spider web I see in the interior pic.... Been siting a while maybe? Is it custom tube frame of an extended Fiero? Looks to be a custom frame from the engine bay pic but can't tell for sure.

    Where did you pick it up? Hit K9Cop for Countach parts as he has a PILE of them to help bring the level up some more.

    Post pics as you go through it.

    308 Ferrari replica
    Prova Countach 5000S


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      Nice looking car. Definitely from an AFI mold. What is the transmission?


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        Thanks guys, I got it from a guy in upstate NY. He had it for 15 years. A guy in Florida built it in 1998. It is a tube chassis and yeso , there are cobwebs! Transmission is out of an olds tornado. It’s an automatic which I was actually looking for. It needs some work but I like the sentiment that it’s a good starting platform. I’ll seek out K9Cop. There is a guy named Ron here in Vancouver Canada that has a lot of experience on Lambo replicas. He came over last weekend and gave me a good run through on the car and places I should start. He is very nice and a great source of experience. First order of business is brakes and a parking brake. It doesn’t have one and I won’t pass the safety inspection for insurance. I’m thinking a Fiero hand brake along the console tunnel.


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          If you want to avoid all the cables and handle associated with a traditional handbrake, you can use an electric one from a Tesla.


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