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Cheap $20 3D scanning with Xbox 360 Kinect

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  • Cheap $20 3D scanning with Xbox 360 Kinect

    The first version of the Kinect, the 360 Kinect (not the newer Kinect One), which can be found cheap on Craigslist, makes for a good 3D scanner.
    The only modifications needed are hacking the USB and power cable, but also downloading the pirated Skanect Pro software for higher resolution.

    Cable hacking guide,
    And could have a working app, Ive yet to purchase the part and test it.

    Apparently installing the drivers could be buggy in some machines... best to first install the SDK 1.8 drivers and then run the Skanect 1.9 program to scan.

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    I bought one and it worked out great... just that it doesnt do too well for small objects. Heres a picture of the wiring.
    I used a USB 2 connector as seen with the black colour on the inside... the USB 1's have a white colour which might not work.

    A link to the 1.8 SDK drivers
    The hacked software works upto version Skanect 1.10.2-win64

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      You can buy a cable on Amazon for $10 so you don't have to make your own.

      I haven't had time to try mine yet, but it seems you might need a pretty powerful computer to get good scans.


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        I was scared of either frying the Kinect device or my computers motherboard but luckily it worked out.

        I made multiple scans (small objects to half my room) and a few times it said it ran out of memory but I just restarted the scan.
        I had no problems with speed, my computers specs are an 8 core cpu doing 3.6ghz, 32gigs of ram, nvidia gtx 580. The newer version of the software had no GPU (video card) support enabled, but the older 9 version of Skanect did recognize it to utilize which ever processes it advances.

        I think the software likes Nvidia video cards... some Cuda 5.0+ specs like the GeForce list here

        A system like mine should cost around $200 USD used on Craigslist.
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          My younger brother might want this for his 3D scanning practice.


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