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  • StackExchange site for replica/kit car builders

    Hey guys,

    I'd like to ask for your help setting up a stackexchange site for kit car builders. It's a Q/A site format used a lot in the tech community (sites like where you can ask a question and people can post answers that can be voted up/down by the community. It makes it easy to ask specific questions or find specific questions to issues that you may be dealing with and see which solutions are valid based on community feedback.

    I've already submitted the proposal to so if you're interested in this idea please go to the link below and follow the proposal. Feel free to provide sample questions, at least 40 sample questions must be provided with 10 or more votes so please also like any questions that you think are valid. If we get enough likes on the proposal stackexchange will turn it into a Q&A site that we can use. This would be a super helpful resource for those looking for solutions to questions/problems with their builds.

    Thanks a bunch guys,
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