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BMW V12 to Audi 016 Flywheel Dimensions

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  • BMW V12 to Audi 016 Flywheel Dimensions

    I am looking for plans to make a flywheel for a BMW V12 to Audi 016. Does anyone have a copy of Jim Dinners Word document that he had posted back when he was building his Diablo? I think I had them on my old laptop but it has crashed. It appears that the links he had posted are now dead ends. I do have the information that he had for making the trans axle adapter plate and the input shaft locator. Does anyone have current contact info for Jim so I could contact him directly.

    I am currently starting to source parts again for my Sienna Countach build. I have had the body and chassis for a long number of years and have decided to restart the project. I may be another year before the build restarts totally as I have a couple of other things that still need to be completed. Sure wish the cost of lumber would come down so I can get the shop completed.



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    I had all the info in my files for years. I will check and post here if I can find them.
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      Thanks Don,

      Any help would be much appreciated. I have a word doc of all of Jim's links but none of them work. I do have a copy of the locating plug and the information for the adapter but for some reason I never printed out the information needed for the flywheel. Go figure.

      Instead of using Jim's idea of using a 3/8" steel plate with spacers I am going to try and cut one out of aluminum plate.The only hard part will be trying to machine the releaf for the flex plate.There is also a cover located on the back of the block the will need to be addressed. These issues were not a problem with Jim's design. I will see how things go as I progress



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        I fabricated my own flywheel and used the flexplate from the Audi A8, all I had was a lathe and a pilla drill, It was easier than I thought, Here's an old vid, the gearbox was an 01X.
        Hope this helps in some way,
        ps the stain is a drop of oil that cooked in the oven when heating it up to press in the dowel pins


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          Send me your email and I'll send you the files


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            Thanks again for the replies.

            Dangerrous, Did you just need to machine a lip on the flywheel to make it work? It is interesting that Audi uses 10 bolts to hold the flywheel on. The crank in my race motor only uses 8 for 800 HP. The same crank is used in engines well over 1000 HP.

            Chimeara, my e-mail is

            I have an idea of the design of the flywheel but am concerned about the location and depth for the pilot bearing.

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              Yep, the flex plate sits on a lip, the flexplate is then secured to the flywheel via the original torque converter mounting bolt holes, the flexplate serves two functions, 1) holds the ring gear 2) enabled me to use the original tdc sensor ring, the 01X gearbox has a predrilled hole for the sensor in the bellhousing, it all came together, I just had to make sure the machined flywheel carried the components in the correct position.
              It's not the lightest flywheel, I made it from one piece of billet steel, shaving weight where possible. Cost me 90 and some fun time on lathe
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                Did you ever check to see if you still had information on Jim Dinners flywheel build?



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                  Hi Bob
                  my email to that address bounced back as non existent email. send me email to my profile email and I'll send you a reply.


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                    e-mail is

                    I was on your web site. That is a pretty interesting flywheel. It looks a lot heavier than it is. I find it interesting that there are 10 bolts holding the flywheel to the crank. You did a real nice job in the machining.

                    Did you need to make an adapter to mate the engine and transmission? I am not real familiar with these foreign flywheels, they look rather thick.. If you look at a fly wheel for a Chevy or Ford, they are only about 3/4" thick. I have a clutch assembly for a 915 Porsche and think it is over 2" thick..



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                      The 01X gearbox is usually mated up with a dual mass flywheel and is really heavy. My set up is an a Audi 4.2 v8 ABZ engine, this mates directly to an 01X 6 speed audi gearbox, the flywheel just needed to accommodate the flexplate ring gear and tdc sensor ring, this meant everything was OEM where possible, the flywheel has some meat left on it, but also has a lot taken off it, the real weight is from the rs4 pressure plate.
                      The idea was to have a reliable solution that was lighter than the standard setup and cost effective, no one offered a cnc machined flywheel with the integrated tdc sensor ring, Luckily I was able to produce one and at only 250 all in(including clutch kit), instead of 1650euros
                      My build runs parallel to my home life and day to day life's expenses, the more econimical the build (without compromising the final result) the bigger the smile.
                      I'm just a bioke in a shed building a kit car and having a bit of fun on the journey,
                      The BMW v12 is a proven choice for Lambo replicas, the Audi gearboxes are also a good choice, the diesel boxes tend to be stronger due to the torque delivery of the engines, there's a guy who's got one of the best Diablos around, he uses a bmwv12 mated to 4 turbos, I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to the owner, and videoing it


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                        I do agree with you that it is the "smiles per mile". I try to do everything myself. The more money I save on the front end, the more money I have to spend on the back end. Right now I have lost access to doing my own machining so I am at a stand still right now.. I am in the process of looking for a lathe and a knee mill.

                        I had a quote for $1800 for an adapter kit, clutch, pressure plate, flywheel , and adapter plate. I know I can do ti for a lot less. I am hoping to get the clutch disk and pressure plate for a couple of hundred dollars, steel for the flywheel for $100, and not sure what for piece of 6061 T6 aluminum 24"x24"x1 3/8"

                        How well do you thing the Audi trans axle will hold up spinning that kind of mass? One thing I think I would have done was make the flywheel flange for the flex plate .001-.002 larger to make it a shrink fit along with the bolts. I am not planning to work the 016 hard, those days are long behind me.

                        Would you happen to know where I can find information on the V12 crank flange bolt circle?

                        Does the 01X take the same pressure plate as a 016? I am looking fro the bolt circle for the pressure plate.

                        I have seen pictures that Diablo several times, in fact I have a copy of Complete Kit Car (2011) with a feature on it in the reading room right now. I have also seen it in a video on the DC Super Car display at Stoneleigh, really nice car, but what do you do with all of that power. Would really like to talk to him about his engine management system.



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                          I know there was a GT40 replica forum where quite a few people used Audi transaxles mated to Audi engines as well as many other types. They seem to have a good handle on how to do it this kind of work. I'd search them out


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                            Sorry I don't have any info on the BMW v12's. Most audi gearboxes have the same spline count, that's why I was able to purchase an audi rs4 clutch kit for the diesel box. Might be an idea to speak to a clutch centre and ask them to save an old worn clutch for you.
                            I found my local Audi dealership parts department very helpful when it came to cross referencing parts, a good BMW dealership might be able to confirm whether the v12 and more common v8 crank bolt patterns are the same,
                            here's a v12 supercar build that might help :


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                              Thanks, bratboy, didn't think about going over to the GT 40 forum. Figured I would start here as there were a number of members at one time that were building with this combination.

                              Darren, Good old Casey going a mile a minute. He bought a complete adapter kit from A&E Kit Cars down in Texas. Eric was the one that quoted me the $1800 for the complete kit. The V12 is a stand alone engine as far as the crank goes. I do think the cyl. heads are similar or the same.


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