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    How to present images in your threads

    I just went through the post on how to post pictures now that the site no longer allows you to upload pics into your thread. This is a maintenance saving effort on behalf of the owner of the site (Ari). He has more of less moved on from the replica world many years ago but has graciously kept the site up for all of us enthusiasts at his cost.

    You now need to host your mages in one of the many hosting sites across the web. Pick one as they all more or less do the same thing. I personally use There are many out there.

    Procedure is relatively easy overall.
    • Host the images you want to present in the thread on your hosting site
    • Go into your hosting site and do whatever you need to do to copy the direct link to the image.
      • Important to select the direct link as sometimes the image link does not show here.

    • Back in your thread, put you cursor in the location in your reply that you want an image. The image will be placed at the cursor location
    • Click the Insert Image button up on the menu above.
      • On the quick reply, it is third from the right and looks like an image of a tree in a square box with dots at each corner
      • On the Advanced reply, it is middle row sixth from the right

    • It opens an Insert Image dialogue box.
      • It opens with the From Computer tab selected.
        • This will not work.

      • You need to click on the From URL tab

    • Insert the link you copied from your hosting site into the text box
      1. There is a check box below the text box that says
        Retrieve remote file and reference locally.
      2. Make sure you unclick the download image check box under the text box.

    • Hit enter or click on OK.
    • The image should show up in your reply at the location of your cursor.
    • You can only link up to 8 images per reply

    Really is as simple as that but can be confusing sometimes.

    Hope this helps everyone getting pics in to their threads.

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