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e46 coupe to e46 m3

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  • e46 coupe to e46 m3

    Hey, people

    Do anyone knows if the m3 bumpers, fenders, sideskirts fit in e46 coupe series or does it need lot of work? do you know any link with assembly or somethin?

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    Re: e46 coupe to e46 m3

    look on ebay you might find a kit
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      Re: e46 coupe to e46 m3

      i've done this conversion before, BMW's are my speciality.. ;D

      Front: You will need the front M3 fenders, there are fibreglass ones out there, but I use genuine ones. The wheel arches are bulged, therefore the M3 front bumper will fit only if the fenders are there.

      Bonnet" is bulged, you can buy a new one, they're expensive because they're made of aluminium, once again there are fibreglass ones out there. DO NOT buy a damaged bonnet, you cannot repair them!

      Door mirrors: There are plenty copies out there, ensure they're are good copies.

      Rear: This is where the problem is, the rear wheel arches are also bulged. You can either work on it yourself by bulging it, or look for bulged arches usually found in trucks, and modify them slightly, then fibreglass it onto the rear arches. It is a little bit of work.

      Rear bumper: is pretty standard, you will find copies out there. However, the bumper will only fit if your rear wheel arches are done correctly.

      Exhausts: There is not much space under the car for the second exhaust, best take it to an exhaust shop and let them work their magic.

      Boot spoiler: visit

      Side Skirts: no problem!

      BTW: You will find complete conversion kits from UK car styling websites. In US, try
      Good luck!


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        Re: e46 coupe to e46 m3

        Thank you

        Do u have any pics of ur conversion?

        This parts.. bumpers, fenders, bonnet will fit in the same fix points of the original parts?


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          Re: e46 coupe to e46 m3

          yeah, i keep pictures of all my projects! just that i got TONS of picture files and they're all disorganised... I'll look through and post them

          Yes! they all use the factory points, so major work necessary... the hardest part is to custom make the rear wheel arches..


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