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  • Give this guy a $100k...

    I don`t know about you guys, but I wouldn`t buy a $1000 car from this dude much less a $100k one.

    Ferrari F355 GTS. Titanium Blue Color. Meadle east Specifications. The car in Kuwait. I Bay the Ferrari in 99' From The dealer in Kuwait City.
    Jeez... this post should be titled `Retard in Kuwait`

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    Re: Give this guy a $100k...


    All I can see is he made 2 mistakes (bay = bought, Maedle = Middle)
    And he used the capitals all wrong

    But don't forget the language of these guys is quite different from ours, just look at the arabian alfabeth, it doesn't really look like the roman alfabeth we use

    And there are quite a lot very rich people in the middle east (that's where you petrol comes from )


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      Re: Give this guy a $100k...

      YES...WHY NOT!!


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        Re: Give this guy a $100k...

        I know I can't speak two languages, I have trouble with just English.

        But I don't understand the seller has:

        Location Kuwait
        Country United States

        Member since: Tuesday, Aug 13, 2002
        "0" Feedback

        We all have to start somewhere but "0" feedback and selling an item at US $35,100.00 worries me as a buyer.

        $35,000.00 is very cheap I hope the deal goes well for both.

        Fino<br /><br /><br />The National Kit Car Club.<br />


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          Re: Give this guy a $100k...

          Fino pretty much says it all. The ad is riddled with mistakes and clues that would make me take a step back - thus the
          ...I wouldn`t buy a $1000 car from this dude...
          1. I`ve been to the Middle East several times (Kuwait) included and actually had the opportunity to hang out in the UAE for a couple of years so I`m aware of the business practices that the Arabian cultures employ. Needless to say, they`re not the same as those enjoyed by Western societies... games, swindling, and outright robbery are seen as not only fair play but an actual sign of strength and shrewdness.

          2. The car is in Kuwait (not to mention, Middle Eastern specs) and getting it imported would be more trouble than it`s worth (unless you get it for an absolute steal... which leads us to #3)

          3. The import tariffs are so ridiculously high that smuggling is considered an honorable occupation. Dealers don`t ask questions and don`t require paperwork when they buy a car for their showrooms. Any dealings (including registering a vehicle) with the governments is a complete nightmare and bribes are typically part of the deal (so it doesn`t really matter if everything is legit) If the car is completely legal, this guy paid a complete fortune for it - if I remember right, F355 were going for $500k to $700k (US$) from a Ferrari dealer the last time I was there. To not too bad considering that they fetch a cool million in Hong Kong (or so I heard). It`s no wonder that the majority of cars (70% according to Time magazine) stolen in the US find their way to a container ship headed for other countries.

          Well, that`s about it... sorry for the long post, but I felt compelled to explain myself a little further. Also, those of you that are PC sensitive can ignore that last line... I just thought I`d throw that in to stir up the conversation a little.


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            Re: Give this guy a $100k...

            Wow...$500k to $700k is a big pile of money!!!

            How much are they in the US?
            I think for $500k you can buy 2 or 3 of those in europe!! 8)


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              Re: Give this guy a $100k...

              $500-$700K??? That dealer was ripping someone off. 355's are anywhere from $80K-$120K on average.

              For $500-$700K there better have been an F40 or F50 thrown in for a "parts" car


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                Re: Give this guy a $100k...

                Exactly my point, AAP and SpeedFreak... The tariffs are the killers of any legal deal when importing a vehicle of this magnitude to the Middle East. That`s why I mentioned bullet point #3 - in order for this deal to be legit, the seller is either going to be giving the car away (in comparison to what he had to pay for it - not that unfathomable... as someone pointed out, there are some insanely wealthy folks in the Middle East) or he would have to sell it at a price three to four times higher than all the other F355`s on eBay. That`s before importing it, no less. Either way, there are easier, safer, and possibly more cost effective ways to get an F355.


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