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  • Can somebody help me!!

    There is a change that i'am going to make a bodykit for a second generation toyota mr2. I have always loved the looks of the toyota, the only minor point of the car are it's dimensions. The lenght is good and the height we can solve by lowering it. The only thing that has to change is the width of the car because it is very narrow and would look so much better if it would be as wide as a ferrari 355. To make things clear; i don't want to replicate a ferrari or any other supercar but just use the original body lines of the car to make a mould and produce my own widebodykit. I have already used the search button but i really believe there is a difference between you mould makers. Ussualy you guys have to be very carefull when you make a mould because the cars where you take the moulds from are very high priced supercars, where it isn't alowed to make any scratch or damage. In my case i don't have to be carefull since it is an old car where the exterior will be covered up by the kit.

    Can somebody explane me how to make a mould from start to finish, what materials to use etc. After the mould is made how do i begin to make the actual panels that would cover the car.

    I am planning to make my own moulds from a supercar one day, or build an already existing kit. Eitherways this "experiment" with the toyota would be a great oportunity to practice in building and using materials used to produce a kit.


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    Re: Can somebody help me!!

    Here's a great site for showing the process of making a fiberglass mold of a car body. Take a look at this and let me know if there are any questions about it. It may be self explanitory, but I'd be happy to fill in any blanks or further explain things that may not be so clear.
    (Don't click on TAKE ME IN... it leads to a dead link)

    Just a question on you project. Are you gluing foam to the side of the car and fiberglassing over that to make your new panels before moulding, or another approach? Just curious. Also, are you wanting each panel separate or are you making just glue on pieces that will be blended into the body panels and not a straight panel replacement. Let us know and we can offer some helpful tips.

    Good luck and keep us up to date on the progress. I'm interested to see what you have in mind for the car.

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      Re: Can somebody help me!!

      first of all, theres plenty of widebody kits available out there for not much money. you could also just get 2 quarterpanels and fiberglass the new panels to the main body.
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