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Mac's Autobody Countach Build Site

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  • Mac's Autobody Countach Build Site

    Found this one while surfing ..

    Note that has an offering *very* similar to euroworks under the banner of

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    Re: Mac's Autobody Countach Build Site

    What the heck was all that about?

    Anyhow... that's MY CAR! Well... maybe not my car exactly, but the same kit. Wow, I can't get over the similarities in how everything looks... it's exact, right down to the gas cap placement! Does anyone know how to get a hold of this "C. Walters"? I'd love to touch base with him.

    His car:

    And mine (a little further along, but not much!):

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      Re: Mac's Autobody Countach Build Site

      Hi Bob, that is what I thought when I looked at the pictures as will ???.... If you need any help with anything this weekend , just give me a call.... Later Felix


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