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  • 355 kit?

    I just recently become interested in building a kit car. I've been looking all over the internet trying to find a good looking 355 Berlinetta kit. I want one that looks very close to the real thing. I like the b-bspyder kit
    but it looks too short. Anyone know anything about Paul's Exotics ?
    And the only other one I could find was
    And that one looked kind of flimsy. Help would be greatly appriciated.


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    Re: 355 kit?

    Hey Russ...

    There's already a Thread about BBspyder -

    Paul's Exotics...  Well, I have not had the best experiece with them personally!  On a small scale, but replative to their "honor" in the industry, I ordered the Instruction Manual and Video from Paul to get an Idea of certain build aspects of his 355 Kit...  I have a Mirage that I purchased from a individual and it didn't come with a manual (most don't).

    Anyway, I paied $45 bucks for a Manual and the Video and extra money to be shipped FedEx...  Here's what I got:  Seven photocopied sheets of notebook paper with hand scribbled notes on it.  Most so illegible that they completely useless.  Others, that you could read said things like "stretch as usual" and "use a spacer, then bolt" but had no reference as to what it was referring.  Many of the pages were half of one page, and some of another.  All in all, the kind of stuff you'd find on a Cocktail Napkin after a sales convention.

    And the Video.. HA!!!  It was a Home Video.  No really, a video of his kids playing in the yard, his dog, then static, then a porche speedster kit for about 15 seconds, then static, then recorded television shows (one was actually Jerry Springer!!!) then static, then another kit bit of a Testarossa that was unfinished, then more static... alot of static, then a snippit of a 355 just siting there, looking like crap, then more static then a Lambo body getting set on a chassis then static and nothing.

    What a Freakin' Joke!!!  If this is his version of professionalism, I would have no part of it!  I still have the "Contrustion Video" and the "Construction Manual" if you don't believe me or want to have a good laugh!  

    As far as the 3rd company there...  Weren't they sombody else just a couple of months ago?  The content is the same with a different company name, but the web addy is different than what I had them bookmarked as before.  Note, the previous bookmarked location is dead now...  Big Surprise.

    Honestly, the words "Reputable" and "Kit Car" rarely go together.  If you have the kit in front of you and you like it or can tollerate it AND have the money with you AND can walk away with ALL the parts right then and there, THAT'S the only way to get what you pay for in this Industry!!!

    I purchased an IFG/Perry/GGli/etc...  They all copied each other.  Yeah, bought and paid for it down in California then made the mistake of leaving the body, crated and ready to ship.  Must of got lost int he mail because it never arrived!  Oh, and the guy has disappeared, phone numbers changed, e-mail changed, etc.  Turns out, this guy is/was an employee of IFG and Perry and as far as I'm concerned, the scam is still running!  Advertise a "private sale" of a kit car that was puchased but never completed...  need to sell it for __________.  Show the kit (if the buyer ever actually flys down to see it), put it in the same crate over and over and sell to as many people as possible.  The SAME kit!

    These Kit manufacturers all know each other and are just as responcible for getting customers reipped off as the con man himself.  The industry has SUCH a bad rep, but they are doing nothing about it.  I know IFG could help me get my $5000 back, if they WANTED too, but they NEED each other and FEED off each other and conspire with each other...

    It makes me sick!

    OK... enough ranting.  Bottom line, Russ.  DON'T GET RIPPED OFF!  If you can't take it with you, don't buy it!  Simple as that.

    DKOV -

    By the way, you can check out my build site at


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      Re: 355 kit?

      Dam DKOV!

      Paul exotics is a SCAM! stay clear of them at all costs.

      B-Bspyder are pretty good but people seem to be having trouble getting in contact with them right now.

      Who ever you purchase your Kit from:
      1. Tell them to fax you a complete parts list.
      2. ONLY pay by credit card or Escrow account.
      3. Fly in & Pick it up in person and make sure every part on the faxed part list is on hand. If not, NO DEAL!
      4. Drop it off at a local shipper.
      5. Fly back out

      You follow the above steps and you will 100% avoid:
      Recieving an incomplete kit
      Not recieving a Kit at all
      Kit with terrible fiberglass
      Longer than anticipated shipping delays



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        Re: 355 kit?

        Well Russ you are on the right track, talking to us….
        My first kit purchase, I was very fortunate. I was young and dumb and luckily came out smelling like a rose. I bought a Fejer 328 kit from Canada, they actually brought it down to the South East United States. I sent them money and didn’t know much about them. They closed up shop right after my purchase.
        Then one day I went to the Daytona Car Show, and saw a 355 Spyder kitcar. ;D WOW!!! ;D I had to have it. To make a long story short, I went down further south to visit this guy’s shop. The shop wasn’t spectacular but thank goodness it wasn’t in someone's garage. He had one complete 355 and one complete 25th anniversary lambo and had two other 355 hard tops primered and ready for paint. So I threw down the bucks and went from there.
        I tried contacting paul’s a couple of times, I’d either not get an answer or I wouldn’t get a call back. So I stayed clear from him.


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          Re: 355 kit?

          Thanks for your input guys. But who makes a good kit that requires the 3 inch stretch. The ones that dont stretch dont really look like the real thing.


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