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355 Taillight Wiring

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  • 355 Taillight Wiring

    Ferrari Experts-

    How do you setup the taillights as far as brakes, reverse, and turn signals?  Do you know the pattern of the real ones?  I was guessing that on the two inner lights(in the clear part) were for the reverse lights, the two outside lights(in the clear part) were for the turn signals and all four of the red outer circles should come on when you hit the brakes.  Did that make sense?  Anyways let me know the correct way.



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    Re: 355 Taillight Wiring

    Okay... let's see if I can explaig myself without getting everyone confused

    There are two lights on each side, there are a total of FOUR functions for the pair.

    The "Rear Fog Lamps", the Tail/Brake Lights, the Turn Indicator and the Reverse Light.

    To show you, in writing, where all these are, we'll start with the Inner light... The OUTER RING is the "Rear Fog Lamps". The INNER RING is the Reverse Light.

    The Outer light... The OUTER RING is the Tail/Brake Light and the INNER RING is the Turn Signal.

    The real question is, what is the "rear fog lamps"? Acutally, I had the same question when I purchased my Lotus... The are an additional running light for added safety when foggy. They look just like the outer ring when lit. I'd just wire them up as running lights if you want dually tails, or wire in a switch if you want to turn that function on or off, or just leave it off permanently.

    Everything else is self explanitory.

    I hope that helps!

    DKOV -


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