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Who's looking for a 355 kit?

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    Re: Who's looking for a 355 kit?


    Where do those pictures come from?  You see I saw those exact same pictures over a year ago on another website, had all the same writing, graphics and everything. They wanted $10,000. I can't find the site right now but it had lots of Hi-Res pictures. I thought they were out of Canada.

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      Re: Who's looking for a 355 kit?

      This was the prototype body, before they had a complete kit done. Mr. Welch emailed these to me back in mid 99. At that time I wanted to purchase the fixed IFG kit that he was selling, but he told me to hold off a few months because this new kit was going to blow everyone away.

      Then i flew out to Clearwater Florida to take a look at this thing first hand and i was floored by the way it looked right out of the mold & how easy it was to assemble.

      At that time he didnt sell the interior seperate, so it was really pricey at $8000. So, i didnt purchase directly from him. I eventually sold my kit later that year and purchased his kit in 2000 for $7000 from a guy out if FL who purchased 2 and wanted to get rid of one.

      BTW If you want to find out if Bill is reputable or not contact the Florida (Space coast?) Fiero Club, he had a showing for them back in 99 sometime.

      I dont think they are responding to email right now. However, If you want to get in contact with him, I think I still have his number around here somewhere. Let me know....


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