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355 Steering Wheel

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  • 355 Steering Wheel

    What steering wheels are you guys using for your 355's

    I'm leaning towards these two

    or for the cream/black Interior:

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    Re: 355 Steering Wheel


    The top one looks almost original, get a ferrari logo on it and its a Ferrari wheel, no1 will know!

    The woodgrain is for LUXURIOUS,

    The black is sporty and if they have a CARBON Fiber one... that will look even more impressive.


    Its like those hooked up imports with the color match... they have to color match even the ashtray... so unlrealistic...

    Who sells these wheels? any part number?



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      Re: 355 Steering Wheel

      Those are the closest to the original that i could find. I hate seeing Ferrari replica interiors with cheap stearing wheels

      The top is Club 4 the bottom is Olympian2000

      How about these shift knobs:


      Corbra Briar Wood

      Cobra Carbon

      Race Air Leather

      Race Air Leather Alluminum

      Sphere Alluminum (I'm Going With This One)


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        Re: 355 Steering Wheel

        the PHERE ALUMINUM is amazing!

        Who is the supplier?

        LINK US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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          Re: 355 Steering Wheel

          You can sorta see my wheel in this picture:

          It's a grant wheel, although I don't think Grant is in business anymore...


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            Re: 355 Steering Wheel

            Ari, do you mean these guys?
            Bob custom '84 Fiero SE --->>> custom F408


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              Re: 355 Steering Wheel

              Well whatdoyaknow!
              I paid $100 CAN ($66ish USD) for my wheel, and $20 USD for the horn button off. I'm more then satisfied with the look.

              I think this is a close match to my wheel.


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                Re: 355 Steering Wheel

                I LOVE THAT MOMO!

                PURE ITALIAN STYLE!

                Well I guess this is part of the miscellanious addition to the cost of the kit I want to build..........

                $300 setback for the wheel, $80 for the shift knob...

                I want to put in a close as F355 steering column cover...I think the honda accord is a close match(1994-1998) you guys agree? How hard would It be to attach it?

                I wish someone wuold loan me $20,000 so I can show them a TRUE replica...

                ehhhh keeeeeep dreamingggg petey boy....


                PS:how do i upkload pics? or does it strictly need a URL?


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                  Re: 355 Steering Wheel

                  Tell me about it.

                  Steering wheel  $300-$500
                  Shift Knob $80
                  Replica Interior $1500-$2000
                  Professional Upholstery $2000-$3000
                  Carpets $120
                  Seat Covers $450 or Replica Seats $600
                  ect. ect.

                  THANK GOD I HAVE AN AUTOMOTIVE DEALERS LICENSE. At least i can save 15%-25% on some of this stuff


                  Click the link at the top under the car pics that says "How to post images on this forum"


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                    Re: 355 Steering Wheel

                    My shifter (not installed quite yet). Pretty exact if you ask me. I just need to etch the prancing horse into the upper left corner THEN it will be ready for installation


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                      Re: 355 Steering Wheel

                      Wow DKov, where'd you get that shifter from! Looks amazing! Price?


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                        Re: 355 Steering Wheel

                        Oh... that's a big secret! Actually, I am trying to get the rights to mass production and pas them all onto you guys! That will take some time, so please be patient

                        I'm glad you liked it!

                        DKOV -


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                          Re: 355 Steering Wheel

                          Id say that's pretty dam good:

                          Get the prancing horse on there and have it polished and it's perfect

                          BTW. Is it like the European gate shifter that was being sold 5 6 years ago, where the shifter was perfectly straight in neutral.


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                            Re: 355 Steering Wheel

                            I'm not sure what you mean by "perfectly straight in neutral". But if you are referring to the way it looks in the pic, then yes.

                            Also, and the steering wheel front... I just bought a REAL 355 wheel WITH airbag!!!! How lucky was that? Came out of a 1999 F355. Less than 2000 miles on the car and the guy is paranoid of airbags! So he pulled the steering wheel and replaced it with a 348 wheel. He sold me his 355 wheel with the airbag for $995.00

                            Not to shabby!

                            I should get it by Friday and I'll post some pics.

                            DKOV -


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                              Re: 355 Steering Wheel


                              WHATTTTTT R U DOINNNNNN MANNNN!!!!!!!!

                              You lucky mannnnn... ur gonna end up paying almost what a real f355 will cost...

                              Real rims, all out gate shift, airbag, all the lights.......whaty else? SEATS? SEAT BELTS? mite as well throw in a f355 enginer in there too while ur at it!

                              I cant wait to see the car built!

                              You should of just got the whole steering column too!

                              Ahh man i wanna seee!!!!!!

                              But pleaseeee dont kill the project with a striahgnt tunnel type of console that gives it away.... go get the f355 AC controls and splice them into the fiero system and set them up wiht the CANADIAN manufactured center console.......

                              Take care!

                              Talk to you guys in a bit... i need to go lay down... very sick *cough*cough*



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