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    Re: 355 Steering Wheel

    ooooooo yeaaaaa btwwwwww one big QN!

    being gated and straight... how does R work? doesnt the shifter need to be thrown something like 45* off to the top right corner? (i dont know hwo fiero works... altho I drive stick sometimes) How will you shift her into R ifits striaght like that?... as you can see Ferrari did it but its on the opposite side...

    Also how do I get a FERRARI tune out of a MUFFLER?

    I know you got one DKOV but your buddy on PENOCK FEIRO FORUM has something else and it screamss!!!!!! And all that is out of the 3.4dohc???????? does it make the same noice out of a 3800SC engine????

    HELP ME DKOVVV!!!!!!! the second I get a fiero im throwin in a new engine!!!1 how abou tthe wiring harnes???/ who does it? can you do me one for a fee? i see ACE has a "kit" for $1800 but it gives u manuals and garbage and no HARDWARE......

    Thanks guys!!!! sorry im off topic but I see a fiero for $900 around my way but its a 4cyl/4spd...worth a shott if i can change the engine.....


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      Re: 355 Steering Wheel


      What am I doing? I'm not sure, having fun I keep telling myself. You're probably right. I will have build the real deal when I'm through!

      The rims are something that I've wanted since I started the search but have not found until now. I probably spent to much on them but I HAD to have them!!! The steering wheel was an extra, I admit, but when all is said and done, this is one thing that will land me the best in show trophy at Carslile or Knotts Berry Farm next year!!!

      For seats, I'm going the Mr. Mikes route complete with the appropriate head rest Cavillinos. The shift gate, so far, has only cost me around $50. The lights and badges, well... a bit more I've not decided on what to do about seatbelts yet. I think I'm going with a 5-point harness but I also have a line on a set of real 355 belts. I just can't decide!

      I did find a real 355 engine since you mentioned it... That is too much!

      I never thought of a real 355 steering column... hmmm...

      The Interior is mostly real as far as all the bits are concerned. I do have the authentic vents and gauges and stuff. The inserts are from a 355 challenge car so the instrument and accessories panels are authentic as well. The center console panel is from the 355 challenge as well. I've ordered the switches from my contact in a Ferrari dealership and they should be arriving in about 10 days.

      I am very interested in the base interior kit that you guys have shown from up there in Canada. My interior kit is identical but I bought it here in the States! I'm wondering if we are using the same source? Wouldn't that be strange?

      Here's the big secret about the shift gate I have... The far left gate that a real 355 uses for reverse is "for show". There is no real gate there oonce installed on the Fiero. 6th Gear is where reverse REALLY is All the other gears work fine and are in the correct position.

      The muffler... I don't get a Ferrari tone just from the muffler. The tuned exhaust helps as well as the engine itself. It doesn's sound exact but it's pretty good! Enough to make me happy

      So who's my buddy on Pennock's forum? I know there are seveal different conversions out there and a few guys with the 3.4l DOHC. Mike has his putting out some serious ponies too. Maybe that's who you are talking about. His focus is all high end, whereas I'm trying to keep relative torque while hitting a high HP number.

      The major difference from the 3800 SC is the sound and "assisted" HP. My goal is 325 Normally Aspirated HP. That's what I have on paper, if it dynos out that way, then.... THEN I can think about a charger of some kind

      As for your engine conversion, I can arrange a harness job for you if you like, but ACE does indeed offer his 3.4L DOHC conversion WITH the harness combo and hardware package. I should know, that's the conversion I used! I don't know where you heard otherwise. He did my engine harness, ECU and gauge mods. ACE has been wonderful and their manual was very helpful and I got NO garbage and all the hardware and wiring I needed. Save the torque strut which is up to the driver to do with as he pleases. That's the best way for that part I figure.

      If you can get a good price on a Fiero, like the one you mentioned for $900, then go for it! Be weary of the physical condition of the car. Look for signs of rust or fram damage. Beyond that, if you're at all like me, you'll replace everything else anyway

      Seriously though, if you can find an 88, get that. Otherwise, you will find yourself updating your suspension, arms, cradle and nearly everything else anyway. The 88 is a good platform in that you can do your conversion THEN update the performance of the suspension later if that is how your budget must work.

      Keep checking my build diary site for updats and new pics as I FIND them... I have PILES of pictures to go through... I think I'm burning up my scanner

      Good luck and get well soon!

      DKOV -


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        Re: 355 Steering Wheel

        oh yea btw...

        IM NOT CANADIAN!!!!!!!

        100% AMERICAN

        NYC to be exact...

        I do not know how to do wiringggg at all!!!!! How much do you think you will charge me to do me the wiring harness?

        How much did you pay for the conversion package? I see its $1800 in the website for ACE but it says HELP with wiring... i guess tha means it does not come with it??!?!?!?!?

        HELP GREAT DKOV!!!!!

        I sent you a private message I dont know if you got it or not.... but do you have a communications device (EX:AIM,AOL,Compuserve...etc)

        my AIM/AOL account name is GIVEITUP2ME


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          Re: 355 Steering Wheel

          ACE will perform the harness combination for you at no added cost. It's included! You just have to supply them with both the Fiero harness and the new engine harness. Also, send them the ECU and the speedo for modification. As I said, it's all included! So is all the extra bracketry for modifying the shifter linkage (which you need to send as well). All the new motor mounts, cables, hoses, fittings, etc. are all in the kit. It's VERY comprehensive and totally complete. Worth every penny!

          DKOV -


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            Re: 355 Steering Wheel



            I'm sure you have seen 355's where the stick is leaning forward in neutral. That's what I meant when i asked if it's straight in neutral.

            Why was it so hard to find 355 original wheels? I didnt have much of a problem at all.

            How did you get the original 355 center console to fit?

            You mentioned that you purchased the same interior the guy in Canada is selling here in the US, do you know where i can get it.

            Are you doing the wiring for the original gauges & center console switches yourself? How difficult is this?

            BTW there is a company out in California called Auto Design that sells uncovered replica 355 seats for $600. They look exactly like the real thing. I'll look for the address.


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              Re: 355 Steering Wheel

              Questions... questions... questions... I LOVE QUESTIONS!!!

              I guess I havn't paid that much attention. I never have, and probably never will, leavy any manual tranny in Neutral. I don't on my Fiero, I don't on my Lotus Esprit Turbo and I won't on the 355 when it's finished. I guess I'm just odd that way

              I think you may have misunderstood the interior... I have mostly real parts in my interior although the center and dash are a kit. The point I was making was the my kit is identical to the one that was posted elsewhere on the forum of the company in Canada. Identical! Beyond that, all of the individual components in my interior are real or very close to real.

              My venting, dash and cluster insets, center console inset, switches, gauges, steering wheel etc., are all original. The shift gate and shifter is a near perfect knock-off and the seats are done by Mr. Mikes. Still, shoot me the address of the seat guys in Cali

              Even so, the new interior kit is identical as well. Getting it in is very difficult in that it sits much lower than the stock center. Many modifications to the support frame is needed to make it fit. I'll try and document it with pictures on my Build Diary site. In fact, I'm working on that page now.

              I can still get the Interior I used here in the States. It runs about $1000 but includes the entire dash (two pieces), the gauge cluster pod, the center console section, both doors (about 6 pieces each) and the rear area including two speaker boxes. There has been talk of not making the speaker boxes any longer though. Also included are original Ferrari 355 left, center and right HVAC vents and the F355 interior badge. The Steering wheel, original 355, can also be had but at a tremendous cost (like $1500). My pedals are custom CNC'd machined Ferrari look alikes and are very good. New carpet is a must, of course.

              I had the dash wiring done for me at a cost of around $300 but everything is designed for the VDO gauges and plug-n-play. Worth it by me. Also, my Gauges are from VDO directly WITH the Cavillino silk screened inside as were the originals.

              Finding these things is half the fun!

              DKOV -


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                Re: 355 Steering Wheel


                WOWWWWWWWWWW I borroed a friends BMW 540I new 2000 model... and wowwwww from the SHIT IN MY PANTS METER... I SHITTED!!!! That car gluessssss you to your seat and its suppose to carry 300hp... V8

                Its insaneeeeee 6speed...

                Nowwwww only If i can get a fiero to do that!!!!!

                DKOV how would I be able to get 320-350 from the 3.4you got? What mods did you use? And do you SHIT IN UR PANTS too when you drive your car?

                The bmw's 6 speed is awsome..... all i can say is WOW i woke up at 6am to drive it again!!!! imma go give it back to him now... lol...

                PLEASEE I NEED A 300-350HP V6 3.4dohc FIERO! lol im going insaneeeee...



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                  Re: 355 Steering Wheel


                  Okay... that was a bit over the top :-/

                  I don't think I can get 350 out of a 3.4L DTC unless it was turbo or super charged. Rich cutter was getting 350+ from his, but he also had it Turbo'd. Around 320 ish is all I think is really possible and still be daily drivable.

                  In fact, while trying to decide how to pull some more ponies from my enging, I can to the conclusion that HP is on a CURVE... You can improve it to a point, then beyond that, it actually HURTS the motor to add more. I think that I am as far as I'm willing to go with this motor. For now

                  A Turbo is still on my mind...

                  Anyway, A friend of mine that I met through the Lotus Esprit Turbo owner's club, has a big monster V85 series Bimmer. I think it's called an M5? I'm not much into BMW so I can't say for sure. Anyway, it screams! Not like my Lotus but it moves along quite nicely. His Lotus Sport 350 (V8 Twin Turbo Esprit) is down for restoration so the M5 is all the fun he has for now, and it's a TON!

                  My Lotus is getting a facelift and enhancement right now as well... I just can't leave well enought alone! Track day on the 15th of next month, I see the Lotus there but I don't think my F355 will make it

                  DKOV -


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                    Re: 355 Steering Wheel


                    Yea I did go a lil bananas there... but the V8 in the bimmer is quick!

                    I just wanna compete with it... when I build my F355 for it to have at least some of its potential...

                    so 320? how does it feel in a fiero? does it pull u back in ur seat?


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                      Re: 355 Steering Wheel

                      Uh... yeah. I always refer to it as "rip your head off at the neck acceleration".

                      It feels alot like my Lotus, but without the Turbo Lag. Zero to 60 in that car is around 4.6 seconds and the Fiero feels very much the same... probaly 5 or in the low to mid 5s. I haven't checked that yet. I do know that 100MPH can easily be had in 3rd gear in my Fiero

                      Fast AND quick is the key... Not Quick OR Fast!

                      DKOV -


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                        Re: 355 Steering Wheel

                        Well... exuberance strikes again!!! :

                        I just located and purchased a brand new and, as usual, authentic set of F355 Mirrors.  They are heated and have the break away and includes the mounting bezel.  How sick am I?

                        Got confirmation on my switched this morning too... they are on their way.

                        HELP ME!!!  When will it end!!!

                        DKOV -

                        EDIT - I forgot to mention... I found several other things that some of you may want...

                        F355 Shift Knob!!! - $175 in polished Silver
                        F355 Carbon Fiber Shift Knob - $550

                        Owners Manuals... each is only $95.00
                        F355 US all models
                        F355 1997 all models
                        F355 US 1998
                        F355 F1 1999

                        F355 Challenge Carbon Fiber 3-piece dash set. Includes main dash inset, center accessory dash inset and shifter gate/accessory switch inset. Kinda spendy, $3000.00!!!

                        Interesting items...
                        Blank F355 keys. $50 and $30 depending on Ignition or door.

                        Side Mirrors w/glass & bezel, unpainted... Steep but worth it... $1100.00 each side.

                        I found a TON of other stuff to, like switches, grilles, even the under tray for the car! Nice hit!

                        DKOV -


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                          Re: 355 Steering Wheel

                          DKOV -

                          Are you hitting the Junk Yards?

                          Warning!!! dumb question coming. When you say dash & center console inserts what do you mean?

                          hhmmmmmmmmmmm what function did you give those three big dials on the 355 center console?

                          Ohhhh so your using the VDO gauges that various people have been selling. How much did those go for with the wiring harness?

                          Do you know anyone who sells 3.4 or 3800 300-350hp crate motors?

                          Are you talking 320hp for the 3.4 at the wheels or flywheel?


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                            Re: 355 Steering Wheel

                            I'm hitting everything I can think of! Junkyards are not beyond me I'm also checking parts warehouses, corruptable Ferrari technicians, everything... That's what HAS to be done!

                            Inserts...? How to explain? The 355 main dash, where the speed-o and tach are, is actually several parts. There is the main flat black area that most people duplicate with their kit interior, but there is ALSO a bezel ring around that which contains all the idiot lights and such. The "insert" in this case, is the BLACK portion. The Carbon Fiber part replaces that. but will LEAVE the area where the idiot lights reside. That is about 3/4 of an inche down both sides and across the bottom.

                            The center dash cluster, the three small guges and the radio, has a metal plate that all those parts mount to. It is painted black as well. This insert is completely replaced by the carbon fiber part.

                            The third and final insert is the center consol from in front of the shifter and switches to the Climate Control dials (those three big dials you refered to). The new Carbon fiber part replaces that insert, yet includes all the cut outs for the switches, shifter and lights.

                            The Climate Control console (the big dials) are another insert and come from Ferrari as a WHOLE unit. This is what I have purchased for my kit. I will map out the wiring and use it to replace the Fiero system. I have worked it out and can replace everything but the cable driven GM temp adjuster. I spent some time at the Junkyard and pulled the dial based, cable drive from a Ford Aerostar and hope to adapt that aparatus to the main Temp Dial in the Ferrari console.

                            Behind that console is the final, and small, console which houses the mirror control and ABS on/off switch on the real car. Only cars with the ABS function (Europe, AUS, etc.) have this function. The US version just has a round "dot" that most 355 owners use as the base for the Alarm light mount. The mirror control switches are a single unit and come with the mounting plate, so I ordered those up as well. Some mapping to do, but they should work with the Fiero wiring just fine.

                            I did buy VDO Gauges. I have a "guy" that works for VDO that does the mods by completely disassembling the unit and screening the Cavallino on the dial face where it belongs. The complete set ran me just under $1000 with the complete harness. Plug-n-play.

                            You can but a regular 3.4 L pushrod crate motor just about anywhere. Most GM shops will order it up for you. Getting a 3,4L DTC (or DOHC) crate motor is more difficult and they are NOT cheap. When I was princing out getting one for my project, before my GTP got totalled, I was amazed at what the GM dealers were asking for that motor!!! Try $4000+ for the motor and tranny!!! 3800s and 3800 SC motors should be fairly easy to come by as they are commong stock for GM now as well as the new 3.5L DOHC motor. I have a couple of "friends" in the GM ranks (more infinately corruptable technicians) that I can get stuff from... I can check for you.

                            The 322.84 HP we got from my 3.4L DTC is Flywheel HP which puts about 275 to the wheels. Many people have said that these motors have no torque and that all that power is at the top end. I don't agree... When leaving the track not to long back, I was turning left from a stop light and when the light turned, I stood on it... The result was a 3 gear burnout, all the way down the street!!! Even though the guys I just left couldn't see me anymore after the corner, they later told me they could hear me all the way through the gears, screaming the tires. That was fun

                            The car has incredible acceleration and tremendous high RPM acceleration. My only issue is with the Speed Restrictor. Unfortunately, they don't make a "tweak" program for a MANUAL orientated ECU :'(

                            Still, I have had the car to 154 on the Speed-O and I think I could probably do more if I had the room. My Lotus Esprit Turbo tops out at 178 and it seems to get there a bit faster too.

                            By the way, there are no "stupid questions"... only stupid people like me that won't quit spending money on a "Kit Car"

                            DKOV -


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                              Re: 355 Steering Wheel

                              LOL! DKOV!

                              ARE YOU on the internet yet?

                              Im going to be on GIVEITUP2ME on AOL... so give me a INSTANT MESSAGE...

                              TURNNNN ON YOUR AIM!

                              I want to learn more stupiditiy...

                              lol jus kiddin



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