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Just wonder where you guys are?

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  • MadMechanic
    Re: Just wonder where you guys are?

    Just for everyone's information, if you click on the "profile" button right under the banner at the top of each page you can enter in your location information, which will be displayed with each message.

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  • 850R
    started a topic Just wonder where you guys are?

    Just wonder where you guys are?

    I am in Ottawa and would like to have a GTG for this area and was wondering if the rest of you would be interested in doing the same? I will be happy to arrange things if there is enough of a response.

    For those of you in other areas, if you will tell us where you are maybe one from your area can do the same.

    This I think will be a great way to get ready for the summer (for us northerners) and meet one another.

    Ari, I'm planning a trip to TO to see my new neice, I'll email you on the particulars and maybe we can meet. I'd love to see first hand how your ride is comming along.

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