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  • ford gt40 chassis

    how much do you guys think a replica gt40 chassis would cost if a company sold it, or if i had someone build it for me? I was thinking about the gt40 lately.

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    Re: ford gt40 chassis

    Depending on what is on the chassis when it was sold or whether it was monocoque or tube frame you can get a wide range of prices.

    I have seen bare frmaes go for as little as $2500.00 right up through fully kitted out frames and suspension for $10k+

    You would have to call up the GT 40 companies and find out what their chassis packages are and see what the costs are. Remember, cheaper does not necessarily mean better or worse, but you need to check how they are built. The custom one off frame I bought is a work of art but still lots of work to do on it.

    Good luck
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      Re: ford gt40 chassis

      Buy this car.
      Great potential with a little body mods and some high offset wheels to get the rear tires tucked in. I do not need another project but I had to bid to see if the reserve was super low. Mid engine, v8, light weight, and corvette rear suspension looks fun.


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        Re: ford gt40 chassis

        The best place to get info on the GT40 would be
        You'll find links to plenty of companies that sell every part imaginable for the cars.
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