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  • Super Replicas New Videos

    these guys are hilarious!


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    Re: Super Replicas New Videos

    Its funny how they have two wheels sitting by the space frame, they are not bolted to anything nor do they have tires.

    Even funnier is towards the end they say " A name you can trust"


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      Re: Super Replicas New Videos

      that is the worst acting I have seen in a while. thought they built their cars on space frames and mr2's? why are they dismanteling that car? (wathced it without volume, so maybe they said?)
      An what do they plan to build with that space frame? It may be just the angles but it does not seem like anything, including the pasangers and instuments are going to fit, and good luck with the engine, seems a bit cramped for a bmw v12!

      If anyone sends them money, they deserve to be ripped off, these guys are a joke. have a look at their payment brakedown. some of the stages seem out of order and the pricing a bit compromized to fit their 20K or 22K prices.

      Old rule of thum, if it seems to good to be true, it usually is. not that people cant see through treir bullshit fake measuring and way to empty worksop.

      cant wait for the next installment on the super replica kit cars soap opera. maybe some fiberlgassing next time?


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        Re: Super Replicas New Videos

        Originally posted by Black Ops
        They need to be rounded up and SHOT! ... These guys are nothing but SCUM of the EARTH!
        Ohh man I so agree with you, it angers me a lot when I see people like these.

        I am not a kit car builder but i do love kit cars and realize and respect the time, effort, money and skill that goes into building one. These people try to rip off honest hardworking people that just want to be able to drive a dream. I really really hope someone shuts these guys down.


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          Re: Super Replicas New Videos

          wow guys...just wow...


          -If you build it...they will buy.-


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