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Custom Cutting windshields VIDEO

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    Re: Custom Cutting windshields VIDEO

    This is some interesting way of cutting out a large amout of glass. Extreamely lengthy way if I may add.

    Personally had to make a small adjustment to windshield and I used sanding disk to cut down on the corners. Wish I had though of the water spray cause the glass was getting very hot and had to stop often.

    One question I have is. Did anyone ever replaced the black strip around the glass and what did you use it to make it.


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      Re: Custom Cutting windshields VIDEO

      Very Cool set-up! I think the only thing I would change would be to use a dremel with the speed adjustment and a water pump with a bucket of water to catch and recycle the water rather then a hose. Good job!


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        Thanks for this cool thread.


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          Originally posted by MacGyver View Post
          I came across this on U Tube.

          Has anyone ever tried this method?

          Looks like a better method than sandblasting.

          Windshield cutting with Pete Hagan - YouTube
          This is funny ! I saw this video about a year and a half ago and i whent out and bought every thing needed . I even spoke to pete hagan cause i could not find the 1/8 inch diomond bit anywhere, I found a 1/4 inch bit at grainger here in tampa, Pete said that the 1/4 inch bit works better and faster. I have yet to try it though but I will soon as i am nearing the end of my project.


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            If the bit you purchased doesn't work for you let me know and I'll dig up the place where I purchased mine for you. The bit I have has cut 4 windshields and still going strong.
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              will do ! thanks


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