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stupid question on 3d for new project

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  • stupid question on 3d for new project

    OK so how do you get the nice cross section patterns to cut for a particular car you want to build. I assume you have a 3d scan of the car or a model or something and then slice it apart. If i am correct then how do you go about this, how much is the software. The car i want to do has never been built except for one prototype but there are model cars of the vehicle. It is the peugeot 907. Ideas helpful hints. I think i can do it the old fashion way but well if it can be streamlined a bit then why not right.

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    Re: stupid question on 3d for new project

    You are right in that you want to do cross sections. The spacing you pick will give you the level of detail you want the "patterns" to give your overal build. Not sure what they use for cars but when i was working on my nose cone for my Lotus 7 replica i picked around 25mm (1") - i think that would be too tight IMO. I gave up as the work involved was stupid compared to the price of buying someone elses, but i did make templates for test fits.

    You will need to make the patterns for both longitudional and transverse to give the shape. This set up (well to me it is) is called an egg carton mould.

    I used solidworks to do the cuts, just started 25mm in and did a repeat cut. Then transfered this to a drawing, If you have an CNC cutter machine it will make things much easier but will mean you need to think about drawings abit more.

    Price of software - unless your a student, its generally alot!

    Have you thought about doing a 3D scan of the model? There is free software to do that, all you need is a laser level and a plug in camera for your computer. Might need to paint the model with something to improve the scan quality, if yours is like mine and reflective.
    There are a few CAD models of this 907 kicking around, not sure of the accuracy though. The dimensions on the web seem to change abit.

    I have a model of the 907, nice looking car. I personally drive a Peugeot 406 coupe, dark green lots of fun!
    I looked into briefly but decided not to continue as its just too much work.

    The main questions i am going to have with this are,
    - What are you going to do about that massive windscreen?
    - Are you making it a V12? (ie 2x V6 welded back to back)
    - Custom chassis?


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      Re: stupid question on 3d for new project

      so what software does anyone recommend for the 3d software


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        Re: stupid question on 3d for new project

        Since no one else seems to want to answer you;

        I use solidworks for the most part, which includes for chassis and part design.

        But also have Catia, Maya and 3dsmax which i dont use, but i guess you could use these to do the design and slicing. Catia i found clunky to use, Maya and 3ds are not engineering cad programs.

        Used briefly (but not enough to really know how to properly use it) google sketch up which is free (basic version). It is more for house design but i have seen it used very well for car design. great thing is the mass of online premade parts you can download.

        Good luck!


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          Re: stupid question on 3d for new project

          I've used Rhino 3d, but it's been a few years now since I've played with it.

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