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  • IFG 6.0 Replica

    Hello Fellow Builders,

    Just wondering what people thought of an IFG 6.0 Replica, is it accurate, was there any issue completing it. What do you think the replica is worth if it is about 80% complete but has a v8, wide suspension and completed interior. What will it be worth after it is fully completed with all OEM lights, accurate Interior, replica engine cover ect... (not just a kit car but a replica) What are everyone's thoughts. I am thinking about buying one.....
    Any advise is greatly appreciated negative or positive... should I stay away from one or should I take on another project. I am going through a nightmare with a Top Junk err err Top Gun Roadster replica right now (the doors are just insane, AGP glass just doesn't work, doors are off).....
    Please advice O great fellow awesome car builders!!


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    Re: IFG 6.0 Replica

    I know Dale at Lambobuilder has one for sale with a Tube chassis and an LT1 motor with Porsche transaxle and he's selling it for 35k.

    Thats not bad to be honest, these kits where never super expensive to begin with, as shown in another one of my threads there's a Diablo VT with a V8 that needs a little work going for 10k. Again not a bad price. Id say go for it if the Price is right. Although its not a D&R or a NAERC kit but its close enough to the original. Its not like BandBcustom's 6.0 which you can clearly tell its replicated.

    I wouldn't pay no more than 10k on a Fiero based kit and 20-30k for a Tube chassis kit.


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      Re: IFG 6.0 Replica

      noooo rrrruuuuuuunnnnnnn, rrrrrrrrruuuuunnnnn for your life. lol kidding. i will say this none of the possible oem stuff you would or might like to use. i know i have pieces sitting here. the best you can do with this kit is have a diablo looking kit car, that goes for top gun, d&r and several others out thier. currently the only body kits i no that you can make an acurate replica with is nearc, crp, i will also be offering a kit soon all my stuff have been pulled or originally pulled from the real car. money talks when it comes to accuarcy. and the more accurate it is the more it will be worth. but even with a very accurate body and interior if you put it on a donor car. (feiro or mr2) its not going to be worth much and chances are you will actually lose money. a tube chassis with a v12 setup is the only way your going to make alittle money, and even then

      good luck


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