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Wanted CAD drawings and Wire frame diagrams

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  • Wanted CAD drawings and Wire frame diagrams

    HI guys

    I am looking for any CAD drawings for:

    Lamborghini LP- 670 SV front bumper, back bumper.

    Lamborghini LP 640 tail light inside, side skirt, back bumper.

    also does anyone know how to do wire frames in cad with angles, and how I could measure the angles off a space frame.

    If anyone has these of knows where I can get any of these I would be very grateful


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    Re: Wanted CAD drawings and Wire frame diagrams

    There are some very sophisticated and expensive tools that are normally used for reverse engineering such as 3D laser scanners and roving arms. If you don't have those tools, there are some other methods which rely more on having a good eye, lots of patience and creative talent.

    If you have some accurate 2D blueprints, it is possible to created a decent 3d model using them. There is an excellent tutorial on YouTube for this:

    If you have an actual object to model from, you can use some more primitive tools. You have to create a point of origin and then measure your X,Y, and Z coordinates from that one point. You absolutely cannot move the vehicle or your point of origin until you are finished recording all points. It's very time consuming and tedious, and the accuracy is only as good as you make it.


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      Re: Wanted CAD drawings and Wire frame diagrams

      not really looking for 3D models, but more measurements to modify existing Murcilagio bumpers.

      I have all the parts, frame, etc.

      I want to create a scale frame model of the frame, with measurements in CAD.

      then modify bumpers to SV LP 670.

      want the SV CADs for measurements, will pay money for them. or if anyone has measurements


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