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    Hello All!,

    I'm new to the forum and would just like to introduced myself. My name is Ben and I live in the county of Yorkshire in England.

    I've been working on cars and bikes since I was a young lad and everything I know I have learned from my Dad, Steve.

    My Dad is tackling a monster of a kit car build at the moment and thought it may be of interest to you guys and girls on the forum.

    He's working on an Extreme 360 Ferrari kit... With a difference. Using the Ferrari 360 Stradale kit, this is being fitted to the standard Peugeot 406 coupe shell... The rest is being binned.

    My Dad is using a late model Lotus V8 Esprit chassis and a Corvette Chevy V8 power plant. Fitted with fuel injection and a bespoke electronic ignition system. We have managed to get our hands on many of the original Ferrari parts such as fuel tanks, air filter boxes and intakes etc. We're currently trying to get a deal together on an original 360 tailgate at the moment to fingers crossed!

    I have set up a website dedicated to the build and it's online now at

    The latest pictures have been updated onto the site. And you can now follow developments via Twitter, just check out the twitter link for details.

    The build is going well so far. We have just managed to get the engineering completed for the front suspension mods. This will increase the track of the original Lotus suspension and will also help to give us the correct ride height as per the original Ferrari 360.

    We are well on with making a bespoke front subframe / chassis assembly to fit the Extreme Kit front wings.

    I will be putting some pictures of the Chevy V8 powerplant on the site soon so keep your eyes peeled! We're just on with sorting out the electronic ignition system - its been sent away for mapping. We have some modifications to make to the trigger wheel etc... It's all go!

    We hope you like the site - Don't forget any suggestions and comments are appreciated.

    Looking forward to reading the content on this forum ;D


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    Re: New to the forum...

    Welcome to the forum 8)

    Extreme stradale kit is my all time favorite! Too bad we dont have 406's around here. And I'm not in the mood to transfer one from Europe. Looking for to see how this build turns out...


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      Re: New to the forum...

      Hey Dad360,

      I know your build! been following it for some time! LOVE ALL THE VIDEOS! Specially the guy welding while smoking a sigar!! Briliant!! Cant wait for more video updates!

      For all those who don't know the build... Check out the site it is worth your time!!



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        Any new vids coming up any time soon?? hows the build going? id love to see more!!


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