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Gps real time tracking from laptop or smart phone

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  • Gps real time tracking from laptop or smart phone

    Anyone try one of these? They're pretty cheap on eBay and say no contract, no activation required. I asked on Pennocks but apparently no one there thinks their car is worth the install. I can picture getting car jacked and I would prefer to just give the jacker the car and then call the police while tracking the car. Some of them allow a remote disable too which would avoid a high speed chase.

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    if you want a full featured system try.

    GPS Tracking | Vehicle Tracking System | Satellite GPS Fleet Tracking

    I build their promotional vehicles and see the products all the time. they have from mild to wild.


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      Another question. They require a sim card. Is there such a thing as a sim card with no fees? A sim card requires activation right? And that would entail a monthly fee or some other kind of a fee right?


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        the tracking is done by satellite but the communication is done with cell networks. there is no card per say. everything is contained within the tracking unit. the fee depends on how many features you want. the basic plans have minimal fees. dont quote me on this but if i recall, less than $100 for a year from Global Tracking Communications.


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          yeap that would lower your insurance rates too


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            The sim card is that tiny little card that's inside your cell phone. It's what makes your cell phone different from every other cell phone. As far as I know they all require a monthly fee. I'm philosophically opposed to paying for something every month that I never use. So far I've never had a car stolen. The units I see on eBay are gps married to a cell phone a lot of them for less than $100. The only reason for me to go over that price is tHat I'm attracted to a few of them that can be accessed by my iPhone. The less I have to carry the better. If I can open the door with my phone and be notified of a theft and track it and disable the car, I would be interested. I can get along without any of this, I just get enthused about the technological possibilitys.


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              Time tracking is indeed the need of hour businesses. Be it GPS time tracking or time tracking for any of the personal or business related needs. We had been using Replicon's time tracking product suite which is so easy to use and quick to implement, has such a simple interface & great back up support. The best part is everything runs on browser so can be accessed from anywhere.


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