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Single Seater Mid Engine Road Racer Build

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  • Single Seater Mid Engine Road Racer Build

    mad mechanics

    yes that was me saying it was a V8 front engine build!

    at least now's the time to change it not when it's half built.

    going to have these features:

    1 Porsche/VW 2.0 and manual trans.

    2 equal length double wishbone suspension at all four corners

    3 OUTBOARD coilover springs and shocks

    3 Pinto rack and pinion steering box

    4 @15 x 10 rims & tires. Hoosier Asphalt slicks.

    5 1" square tubing spaceframe

    Have A Nice Day!
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    Just get a formula vee! I'll bet there are a lot of them out there.


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      Some are as little as $1000.00 - Then make it your own after that.

      SR Formula V Swap and Sale Shop


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        dratts & j

        i wouldn't get too much into the Porsche/VW engine part of it.

        it's a drivetrain i've been talking to the guy about getting.

        so i need to follow through on it.

        it's a race car and

        i'm building it from scratch.

        that's how that goes!

        Have A Nice Day!


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