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    Mad Mechanic's

    i'm building 1/4 and 1/8 scale bodies first.

    3/4 ounce cloth is too thin.

    how will 2 ounce and 5 ounce work?

    Have A Nice Day!

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    You can need to work out where the forces, stress and directions are to many people make it bullet proof and then reo it with bridge girders all it is required to do is hold the shape run a few double thickness strips along about 1" wide were you think it will flex etc say a strip around the edge, curves are also good to help hold it shape by the time you have it on the road it should be showing signs of a problem.
    Also look at woven or Core matting.


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      I use 1.5 oz matt for all my glass work. You can pull it apart to get into tight areas but it stays in shape when laying it down. You can also half as well to make 3/4 oz ish thickness to get into the more difficult areas and laying over tight angles.

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        2 ounce is fine and works great. or 1.5 ounce they usually cost the same.

        or just use a product that is designed for such an issue, and be done with it.
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          917, don & cliff

          i'll go ahead and get the 2 ounce and 5 ounce from Hobbylinc.

          the Great Planes Pro Epoxy Finishing Resin is good stuff.

          i remember using the old polyester resin and i had to

          fight with it to get it to go into cloth.

          looking back now it may have been hardening up on me too fast.

          the Great Planes mixing 1 to 1 sure idiot proofs the mixing!

          Have A Nice Day!


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