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In need of Countach firewall tech support .... :) please

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  • In need of Countach firewall tech support .... :) please

    I've been looking at alot of Countach interiors trying to get an idea of where to position the firewall, but it seems like some are different then others.. Here's a couple pics should I position it at the vertical steel line or at the white stick line..? I know I'll have more interior room at the steel line but it also pushes the engine back 3", and it seems that most firewalls are at the white stick area.. So idk.. Please opinions and input would be helpfull

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    The nose of your engine can stick into the center tunnel a few inches this leaves room to move your seat back a little farther.
    Give yourself as much room as you can in the interior.


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      Thanks for the input Mr. Jdinner.... I think im still debating on utilizing a tunnel or not. Im thinking it will have to be a pretty big push out to accomodate the LS1 front. and With the firewall where its at now the interior compartment is already seeming really Im glad Im only 5'7


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        The lower section of the firewall slopes forward at the bottom, see attached photo of a burnt up Countach.
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          Hey thanks alot... That pic helps out more than u know.. greatly appreciated


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