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  • Scam Site?

    Is this site a scam? There is nothing about it on these forums? Has anyone bought from them before or heard anything? They even have a page saying SuperReplicas are a scam, it would be ironic if they are too!

    RTR Exotics Inc. - Hot News - University Place, WA

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    They have Cozart as a partner...must be


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      I'm not sure if the member on here is selling his red diablo, now I'm not sure he very well may be but if not on this RTR Exotics Inc. - CUSTOM CARS 4 SALE NOW - University Place, WA if you look at the the picture of the red diablo you will notice the two bushes in the background of the one picture. Now if you look at the video of snakchmr's diablo 006 - YouTube and pause it around the 34 second mark you will see that same bush. So may want some verification from that member before pursuing anything with that company.


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        Yes, it is Snakchmr's car for sure and it is legit, this I guarantee. I worked on that car last week.
        I would not be so sure about the Cozart cars. I don't think they ever built anything....ever.

        I suggest you deal with snakchmr instead of that rtr place. If you can't get in touch with him, I can for you.


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          Thank you so much guys for the help. I'll try contacting him.


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            RTR Exotics, has no legal affiliation with Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti, Aston Martin Corporations, however all modifications that are performed on all RTR Exotics product lines meet or exceed OEM factory standards to all product lines, only top quality components, and parts are used that meet OEM strict engineering standards, all additional exterior body panels meet or exceed OEM strict factory standards regarding FRP panel technology, and is replaced with epoxy based Carbon Fiber, Kevlar blend 292 composites body panels that exceeds factory standards, all additional heat shields are composed of Nomex/Beryllium component panels as well as the usage of Ceramic /Kevlar composite system where needed. All exterior styling designs are original and are designed and owned by Mark Allsworth, European Exotics LLC, All legal questions or challenges will be the sole responsibility of the designer Mark Allsworth of European Exotics LLC regarding of the Exotic Car Replica's product line. All rights reserved 2008-2014.


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              fishy to me.... I have seen those pictures before, even the blue murci... looks like they are using pictures that are available online for some time now.....
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                I personally believe that RTR Exotics is a scam much like
                super replicas. RTR has not built a car. They have 2 under contract that they have been paid for in total , and they are not finished, nor does it sound like they will finish them! They sub the work out . They are doing a rolls conversion that has been setting in the shop for months and the builder says he won't work on it until he gets paid. The customer has paid + $thousands for the project to no avail! The other car in q is a Bugatti repbeing built in Florida. Customer finally had to take the project over and deal with the build himself. (still not completed ) they owe more than $10,000.00 that was to go to the completion of these 2 cars, but was used for the owners personal use. Investor is suing. They are not truthful. DO NOT HAVE THEN DO ANY BUILDING FOR YOU. STEER YOUR FRIENDS AWAY!!!!!!!


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                  I own the Investigation agency that is doing the "asset investigation discovery" on Keith Shay - owner of RTR Exotics and on RTR Exotics to ascertain their worth to present to an investor that loaned them money and now has to take them to Court to recover the funds. Warning flag for a business in Las Vegas, "AZONE". Business may be ok, but RTR Exotics is using them as his crutch for no completion of any cars. AZONE owner says there is no business affiliation, other than contract services, but they are on the RTR Exotic's website. Smells!!
                  More detail to follow as investigation proceeds, stay tuned!


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