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Fully functioning Countach window

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  • Fully functioning Countach window

    I'm not building an exact replica for my Countach. So, I was thinking about how to get the window to roll completely up/down. And be one piece of glass. Here's my thought in picture form.

    Which side of the fence does this lean towards: brilliant or stupid?
    Please give your opinion BEFORE I start doing the doors.

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    i don't have windows on mine either and was thinking kind of similar after i saw a school window, i like the idea gor for it, it will take more than your drawing because the window space is not that wide


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      The biggest problem you will have with the Countach full window is the shape of the door itself. The problems on the original and our replicas are two fold.

      1. The angle that the window sits at compared to the lower door panels. You have set up an option for getting the window all the way up and down as far as that angle goes but the next item is:

      2. The shape of the door and the scoop (NACA cowl) in the door. I think this will be your bigger hurdle. When looking at the door side on, the lower window is small due to the angle as above but also the door panel has the scoop not far down the door panel as well as the shape of the door at both ends. The lower front and rear edges angle in quite a bit so when all said and done, not sure how far the window would go down before binding on both the scoop (cowl) and the door edges.

      My thoughts anyway.

      308 Ferrari replica
      Prova Countach 5000S


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        I played with it today and the angle of the rear of the door is too much of a challenge. The window would have to slide forward about 6" as it went down. Didn't see that coming.

        Next plan: Removable windows. Kind of like the T-tops of the 70s.

        I like driving with the windows down MUCH better than running A/C (which also gives me nose bleeds.)


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          Keep the windows design in two parts linked each over
          the drawing isn't very clear i guess...


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            You do know on a countach, the bottom half of the window only goes down about 4 inches.


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              Yes, I know about the little window opening thing. It's one of the things I would like to "fix" for my car. And install a backup camera. And I'm not doing the box for the gauge cluster. Other than that, I totally love the Countach.

              Click image for larger version

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              Here's the big problem with the rolldown window. The path that it has to take because of the V shaped door. If you keep the angles original, then the top rear of the window has to float free as it comes down. This means that the top front has to be held in place better. And I'm not sure that the original angle lets the window go all the way down. Maybe some more playing with the cardboard window that I have...


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                Yes, that's what I was thinking when I drew the picture in the 1st post. I'm playing with it again tonight.


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                  When looking at the full window option, doing what Bobi1 says will give you the ability to roll it down all the way. When doing it, look to see how far inwards your track will need to come tovclear the NACA vent under the door. If it needs to come in quite ways, it might make the window stand up straighter when rolling down. Not an issue overall but it will push the top edge of the window out. Just play with the clearances to see how you can get the window down while minimizing the outward swing as much as possible.

                  Good luck
                  308 Ferrari replica
                  Prova Countach 5000S


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