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Lotus Evora V8 conversion - is it possible?

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  • Lotus Evora V8 conversion - is it possible?

    Hi all

    I am currently building a Ford GT40 kit car and am looking ahead to the next project. I've always thought the Lotus Evora was a nice car but lacking a bit in the power department and now with the Esprit looking doubtful I think it would be great to do a V8 conversion on an Evora. So my question is do you think it would be possible and where would be the best place to start?

    I think if this car could take something like a Ford Coyote V8 it would be epic. Any help or advice would be gratefully received



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    Thats just plain rediculous. A fantasy at best for absolutely no reason.

    I have driven an evora and it is amazing the way it is.


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      i would use a lotus esprit V8. it was built to run at 500hp but de tuned to 350hp so as not to grenade trans-axles. a kit ecu brings it back up to specs.


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        ...packaging is going to be your greatest stumbling block: the evora chassis was designed around a transverse motor to facilitate its plus-two cabin...generally speaking, that means adapting an FWD drivetrain, and in fact the evora takes its motor and gearbox from what was the world's most powerful front-wheel-drive car at the time, the australian TRD aurion...

        ...unless you're planning to swap in an extremely compact V8 engine and gearbox, in order to accommodate a substantial longitudinal drivetrain you're looking at either moving the firewall and engine mounts well-forward into to the plus-two cabin space, or extending the rear chassis and wheelbase either case, that's very major re-engineering and custom fabrication for the new chassis, bodywork, and suspension, only to end up with something which handles completely differently from lotus' original design...

        ...all said, unless someone comes along with a worthy FWD (read: transverse) V8 drivetrain, you're probably better-off either developing the extant 2GR-FZE V6 or finding a chassis better-suited to your V8 goals than the evora: what about an older esprit?..
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