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Countach body support frame

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  • Countach body support frame

    Is framing idea too much support? I was thinking about square 3/4" steel tubing. Just what is drawn in blue is 96 feet of the tubing and that does not include the doors or any down legs. I think I need to browse some more of the build threads to see what has been done, but most of what I have looked at don't show much about how the body is supported.
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    Is this body going on a Fiero frame or custom chassis? The framing will be able to be attached to various points along the frame and will tend to be a bit different depending on Fiero or custom tube frame.

    Most of the framing I have seen would be two bars going from rear tail piece to front top screen secured down along the way each side of the engine hatch and tops of doors. Cross braces in roof like you have.

    Front has two bars going from bottom of screen to front each side of the front trunk. Cross braces bottom of screen and across front where bumper attaches.

    A pillars like you have.

    I haven't seen as many that have the bracing along the outside edges as you have but it certainly would make sense to do it along the sides to help stiffen. Then having bracing bars coming off the frame to connect to the body framing.

    It really depends on how solid you want everything for how much bracing you put in. I wouldn't say your framing is overdoing it at all. Again, whatever you are comfortable with.

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      It is on a Fiero. I just want to avoid "minor body cracks" that I've seen in several ads for kits for sale. Also don't want to crack the windshield.


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        I can't realy add to what don has said, however you might like to take a look at Ken Imhoff's photos and also John's build pics Gallery :: John's (flyhilandsoft) countach they might give you some ideas even though thier builds are in Ally. Also an aditional safguard against stressing/vibrations/rattles might be a foam glue made by 3M, it's what car manufacturers use between inner support structures and outer skins. Maybe you could apply it between the tube and the fibreglass skin. A bit on it here BMW 2002 FAQ - foam adhesive on hood ribbing
        Only a suggestion


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