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A/C doesn't go on at all 1993 Caprice Classic V8 5.0

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  • A/C doesn't go on at all 1993 Caprice Classic V8 5.0

    I recently noticed that my car A/C was not blowing cold AT ALL. I checked under the hood and noticed that I didn't even get a "click" when someone turned the A/C on. Like a dweeb, I went out and paid $28 bucks for a replacement A/C Cutoff Switch (the round thing that gets seated in the oil in the compressor). I didn't first check the power to the switch like I should have (doh!). There is no power going through the wires to the switch and just a few microvolts of change on the meter when I turn the A/C on and off. So, no power to the compressor = no A/C. The problem is, I can't figure out where the damn wires go and there is no obvious fuse or relay that controls the power to the compressor.

    I'd appreciate it if you could tell me:

    How much power should be going to the compressor?
    Where the power source is for the two wires (I think one is dark blue and the other light blue)?
    What fuse/relay controls the power to that switch?
    What are the next steps in repairing this issue?

    I checked every fuse in the fusebox in the side of the dash and they are all good.



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