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Extreme 360 rear quarter window vs OEM.. Pls think along!

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  • Extreme 360 rear quarter window vs OEM.. Pls think along!

    Hi All,

    A friend of mine owns a Extreme 360. He bought an OEM quarter window and made these pictures to determine the difference in the roof lines... As I want to use real OEM glass in my build I am investigating what the differences are and what adjustments I have to make to the pannels and A+B pillar for the OEM glass to fit.. I have some ideas but I would like some input from you guys also...

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    I think this is about the correct position for the window if you look at pictures of a real 430/360

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          You can always make your own?

          Take a look at the 360 stradale I did, it was very close in looks etc, but a fiddly thing to get right, you can buy the bits from Frost restoration uk, I cannot remember what items exactly, but it was a cut down T section rubber, and two inter locking long outer rubber strip clued etc, using the Extreme poly carbs.

          Trying to fit genuine will be expensive and a major effort to say the least, keep us posted etc though, as it would be good to see a better solution.


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