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Toyota sc400 abs ecu and pulse signals from the wheels

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  • Toyota sc400 abs ecu and pulse signals from the wheels

    Hi Guys, I am still beavering away on my project with the brake /upright change, I have a set of Supra uprights, that have the ABS toothed wheel mounted behind the drive flange, it has 96 teeth, and I have the original Soarer upright, that has it's toothed wheel behind the axel shaft it has 48 teeth I would prefer to use the Supra upright as the steering arm is 25mm shorter than the Soarer version.
    Does anyone know what the change from a 48 to 96 toothed wheel will do to the ABS the pitch and size of the teeth are the same, it's just the Supra has double the number.
    Does the ABS computer just expect to see a pulse at a constant rate, so when the wheel locks up under braking the ABS ecu just pulses the brake peddle until the pulse returns from the wheel, so the number of teeth is not important or will I have to install a pulse divider circuit to fool the computer into thinking it only has 48 teeth as original, I have followed out the wiring diagram and the ABS ecu seems to take a speed signal from the cluster so I wonder if the ecu will be confused by the extra teeth, when it is taking a reference speed from the cluster. I have spent hours trawling the net for an answer without luck, does anyone have any knowledge or experience on this subject.

    Best Regards
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