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Front mid-engine lambo replica, is it a good idea?

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  • Front mid-engine lambo replica, is it a good idea?

    I am not going to be doing any replicas any time soon (Definitely not in the next 3 years or so lol), but I was wondering, what if a Lambo replica was based on a Front Mid-Engine car? There are just three or four (appropriately-priced) rear mid-engine cars available, but so many more front mid-engine ones (RWD). I'm pretty sure there would be at least one with the correct wheelbase for an Aventador, or at least a Gallardo. I did not mention front engine but front mid-engine, as a front engine would mean rising the hoodline (is it called like that?), and destroying the look. And what about noise? Would it be too obvious the engine is at the front? What if a lot of sound absorbing material was used?
    I am afraid that if that didn't work I'd have to choose a Ferrari, possibly, since Ferrari does have front-engine models, which also have manual transmission.
    Thanks a lot,

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    A front mid-engine design like the Corvette of Viper requires having the seats near the rear axle. That would put the dimensions wrong for a design like the Lamborghini mid-engine cars.


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      Hm. So the only way would be rear mid-engine?
      Or are there any front-engine cars with a REALLY low engine that would allow the design to be Ok?


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        I think it's a good idea, but not practical. The cab on Lamborghinis is just too far forward, and some concessions would have to be made with the design. Look at this; the Mercy 4 kit from Car Kit Inc based on a 4th gen Camaro:

        Maybe something like an Eclipse AWD would be a little better.


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          Oh well. I'd rather not touch the interior on a car like the Aventador. It's really tight, and messing up with the positions and dimensions could result in a horrible driving experience
          Anyways, thanks for your help everyone! There are probably going to be more lambos released within 3 years :P


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            You can supersize designs over a sedan but it wont be a replica then.
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              Click image for larger version

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              Just my humble openion..... Then again acording to my wife my openions don't count......


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                What about a car with a small engine like the RX8?
                Almost the same wheelbase as the Aventador (About 0.3" difference if I'm correct), And it's small Rotary engine is really powerful as well. What if the wheel position doesn't match? And possibly the pedals?
                What can be done in that case?

                EDIT: By wheel I mean steering wheel.
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                  The new A-pillars and windshield would cover the engine bay.
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                    Original question.... is it a good idea? no
                    You will spend about the same amount of money if not more to make things work.
                    For what reason?
                    Why would anyone ever consider this as an option?
                    Those that consider it think that it is easier to build. The truth is, it is not easier.
                    In fact, I believe it is harder to do since there is no room for your feet.

                    Resale value?


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                      What are you exactly trying to make? that will help answer your question.

                      Are you trying to fool others that you own a lamborghini when you really don't? or are you just in the mood of building something with an exotic-cool factor? what is it?


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                        Heres an idea
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                          Hmm.. as a replica, that looks pretty bad.

                          How about turning that camaro into this:

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                            I am trying to replicate the awesome look of the Aventador.
                            Not a Ford GT, not a Dodge Viper,not a camaro, not a Toyota, an Aventador.
                            It looks so awesome :/
                            Another question, how hard is it to stretch a chassis?
                            Do you have to cut wires and brake/etc lines? How do you re-connect those?


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                              ArashB has a lot of cool designs. and a nice car RHK

                              Now for the aventador quest (: you seem to be after the most important concept (replicating the LOOK).

                              Over a year ago I had a journal that I wrote about the Aventador - I stopped writing it once the first exterior replica was made on August 1st. 2012.

                              I did also Stretch an MR2 (I think it's the most recent stretch on this forum) about 7 weeks ago. I wrote a detailed work on how it is done and My mechanic can do it all in 3 weeks for about $5K.

                              My personal opinion remains the same - even after I stretched a car and I am now midway through a build).
                              If you want a car that looks like the Aventador then don't stretch a car, make an aventador body that has the wheelbase of your car that already exists. I suggest a 97+ Boxster for a sporty car or a 2000+ Toyota MR-S for a cruiser (not too fast a car). I detail that idea in the 91% Aventador concept in my Aventador Journal . Arashi imposed the pics in that section

                              Click image for larger version

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                              There is no reason to make a car as big as the aventador unless you want to throw in a V12 engine etc. in it! Just make a bit smaller version - who is one fooling after all to pretend it is real.
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