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Aluminum panel finishes

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  • Aluminum panel finishes

    What are the various options for finish on an aluminum panel?

    I have a floor pan, a firewall and several other aluminum panels to deal with. In some cases, I am willing to do a more labor intensive job (firewall) although the maintainance may be much higher for some finishes. In other cases, I really need the ability to TOUCH UP the parts, which will inevitably get buggered up by assembly and use.
    I have seen a product from Aircraft Spruce and Specialty (E2300 Conversion Coating) for treating aluminum - prior to priming and painting. I am sure that there are other products out there for painting the panel, which is a good solution for touch-up - assuming I can do it with a brush or roller. For my floor pan, I will probably end up with a carpet taped rubber sheeting, at least for the top (wear) surface. The bottom side is another issue.
    What are your thoughts??

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