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  • WTB: Compressor

    My 35 year old compressor, which my dad bought before I was even born, unfortunately died... It's just a small one.. Dunno the size of the tank but its way too small( see pic below)

    What minimum capasity compressor do you guys recommend for kitcar building??


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    I had used a small Sears compressor for many many years. Not much larger than yours. I used it for everything from painting cars to running all sorts of air tools. Now that I have a larger compressor I will never go back to a smaller one. I am using a stand up unit with a 60 gal tank. It really doesn’t take up any more floor space than my old one did. It’s rated at 13.5 CFM @ 90 PSI and keeps up with every air tool I have. When you go shopping for a compressor. Forget about all the HP ratings. Just go by the CFM. That’s the important thing.
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      Hey Sean!

      I bought a compressor with a 100 liter air tank.. 248 liter per minute air intake... Inside of the. Thank is powder coated... And there is a unit on it that filters the air and gets the moisture out... It has 2 connection points so i can operate 2 tools at the same time!! It keeps up with all my tools... Only not with the one where you remove your wheel nuts with(dunno the. English word for it)

      I am going to buy my airsaw and palm sanding tool this week... Hope it will keep up with them to!

      Thanx 4 the tips!!!


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