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    My father lets me drive his 2013 CTS every once in a while and I really like that thing. About a month ago I was turning left and got distracted. I wasn't going very fast at all but when I realized I was distracted I was close to a curb. I swung left and avoided damaging anything but I did end up hitting the rim. Now the car's steering only goes straight when the steering wheel is to the right about 12-15 degrees. I went to the dealership and they told me that it wasn't covered under his warranty (they saw the scratches on the rims) and that they would charge me 100$ to fix it. I can't afford 100$ because I'm living paycheck to paycheck in college and he expects me to pay for it myself (he's very angry). I'm pretty sure I didn't break or bend anything since it wasn't at such a high speed and it was very brief. However there always is that possibility. Is there anywhere I could go to get a dealership quality alignment for around 40-50$. I'll even use a coupon if I have to. I would really appreciate some help.

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    It's gonna cost a whole lot more then that...


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      Define a whole lot more? I saw sears electronic alignment for 79.99 but I could use a 10$ off first alignment to make it 69.99


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        Update! I drove it today, the steering has to be slightly left and it swerves right


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          Cut back on your beer splurges and don't buy that new shirt at Abercrombie and get your Dad's car fixed properly. Any damage big or small was due to YOU being distracted while driving (probably texting). You should replace his scratched rim also. I was a College kid just ten years ago and yeah $100 is a lot, but i worked 4 days per week during and $100 is more than do able.

          I know your generation is full of kids who think that they never have to take responsibility for their actions, but life happens and your Dad is trying to teach you a lesson. Now be a man and handle your business properly.

          You're Welcome.
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            For the rom find someone who has an account with keystone they have OEM rims. But there is a core charge so you would have to send your old rim in.


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              This is on a kitcar forum, why?

              Go on a Cadillac forum for better guidance.


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