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Air ride setup to raise the front end

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  • jdinner
    CCIE, my yellow car and the red roadster have over 10,000 miles each on them. I have never installed air bags or a lift system.
    I made up a heavy duty front spoiler bar that is a great place to jack up the car too.
    In both cases it extends below the fiberglass by about 1/4". The steel is the first thing to hit the ground and protects the fiberglass in every case.
    My thinking behind this was, a pothole or unexpected bump at night will damage the fiberglass if you don't protect it. I will bet that most people will forget to use the lift or
    say, "dang I should have used the lift on that one".
    I don't have roller wheels up front but you can do it.
    I prefer to drag the steel bar across the asphalt and come out unscathed on the other side to an audience in amazement.

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  • CCIE
    started a topic Air ride setup to raise the front end

    Air ride setup to raise the front end


    I am sure this has been discussed but I am unable to do search on this forum for some reason.. Sorry for asking same questions:

    What is the best setup to buy to raise the front end to go over speed bumps.
    Some specific questions:
    What size tank
    What air compressor (what CFM rating, fill rate, model # ect)
    Which type of airbags
    Which air valves
    Would the install on an already built car be difficult
    Has anyone installed the setup on there fiero based build and is there a build dairy
    Anyone has the kit/parts for sale

    Thanks Again

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