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Fiero shifter and selector cable stretch question

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  • Fiero shifter and selector cable stretch question

    Hello guys I have a question. I found a guy who stretched my fiero 10.5 in and now I have to do the shifter and selector cables. Does anyone has pictures of how this can be done and do they both have to be stretched by 10.5 inches if the car was stretched by that much? I called WestCoastFiero and the guy didn't know how long they would have to be stretched.He was saying the cable is not straight so he doesn't know. Both cables will cost about $300 but I wanted to see if there is a easy way to do it so I save some money. My welder could do it easily I just need to show him how it's done because he has never done it before so I need either pictures or explanations on how it's done. Please help. Thanks guys

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      Depends what year and transmission you have. On my 84 4 spd, this is what I did:

      Cut the rear mount for the cables off the shifter bracket. I welded them to the chassis 7 inches back (my stretch was 7 inches).
      Cut the very end off the front of the cables by the shifter. I then welded some threaded rod to the tip pieces I cut off. On the chassis side of the cables, I welded in a nut - one of those that are about an inch+ long. That way I had some adjustment on the length of the cable. When I was satisfied with the length (that's what she said, hehe), I put a locknut on the cable to keep it from moving.

      The setup worked pretty well, except that the bracket I welded to the chassis was exactly where I planned to put the window motor switches. If you go this route, be sure to plan ahead!


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        I have a 4 spd manual transmission and car year is 86. If I wanted to go the easy route and just have westcoastfiero make me an extended shifter and selector cables how much longer do they have to be?10.5 inches because that's how much the car was stretched?Reason I am asking is when I spoke to someone at westcoastfiero they said the shifter cable is not straight so it might not be that much, he did not know so he asked me how much longer do i want it to be. he said it shouldn't be too long because it might be touching the exhaust then. Man had I known this would be so much trouble I would have bought an automatic. Thank you guys for you help. Please if anyone has any pictures or other ways for it to be done please let me know. I will show this post to my welder in hope he figures out what needs to be done. Again, thank you guys


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          I've changed the engine and transmission in a Mr2 Mk3. The original cables were just plain wrong. I measured the new route (my choice) measured the travel of the push and pull cables, then had a new set made up by MARINE PUSH PULL CABLES - ENGINE STOP CABLES - VERNIER CABLES, funny thing is that the parts are shipped over from America, so a new push/pull cable should be cheaper in the states. Total cost of my cables including postage 76, it's really not worth the bother of trying to mess around with the old cables, you just need to attach the Fiero ends to the new cables. The cables you require are off the shelf design, so don't pay through the nose for them.
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            I know i would do it but i dont know how much longer they need to be you see..people at westcoastfiero dont know either and nobody here wants to reply and let me know even tho whoever build a replica or is building one had to do the same thing idk why


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              When I built my car I stretched the Fiero wheelbase by 9 inches. I found that the stock length select cable was long enough as is but the shift cable needed to be 9 inches longer. If you have your original cables installed it shouldn't be hard to figure how much longer they need to be.
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