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05 stratus sedan and coupe

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  • 05 stratus sedan and coupe

    So I was just tryin to see if I took a 3.0 from a coupe would it fit in my sedan model and replace my current 2.4 also anyone know of anything alil better that would fit

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    Does this look like

    ANSWER.ASK.F☆ENCOM, too you?

    This is a KIT CAR FORUM, you know a car you build yourself.

    What is it with all these 1 post member questions all over the place? Spam bot not working on the site or something?


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      just askin

      This was the only app I could find on my phone I don't have a computer so its kinda hard to look at other forums and also the sedan only houses a 2.7 but the coupe has a 3.0 I was just checking to see if it would still fit or if I could fit a bigger engine I'm a body guy not engine I build my own body kits and speaker boxes and such I'm just starting to learn hints the name newmech so if you don't like my post don't read it I was simply askin a question that I didn't know the internet on my cell sucks so I downloaded this app just tryin to learn alil


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        go find a stratus forum.

        this is not a general mechanic forum.


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          Actually, it IS a general mechanic forum, hence the name mad mechanics. I'm embarassed by all the hostility shown here.

          To answer the question, I'd guess they use the same block and would fit. You might have to swap the engine cradle, or build some custom motor mounts, and unless if the transmission doesn't bolt up, you'll ahve to swap transmissions as well, which might need diefferent/custom axles. The biggest issue would be whether the electronics would work, which is doubtful. You'd likely need to swap wiring harnesses, ECM, maybe even the instrument clusters, possible even the Air Bag system. Unless this car has some sentimental or a large amount of custom work done to it, I don't think it would be worth the effort.


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            Thanks rhk for the input much appreciated


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