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wheel adapter/spacer question

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  • wheel adapter/spacer question

    Hello guys..i placed an order for 2in spacers for my fiero on ebay when the owner messaged me and asked if from the center of axle to brake rotor is bigger than 3.5 if so adapters will fit and if not they won't.I measured and i guess they won't fit.What did you guys do about this?Is anyone making adapters that are not as wide.These are 7in in diameter.Please let me know.I think if i placed a 5mm spacer before putting the adapter on it would not hit the brake caliper.Please let me know what the solution is.Thanks guys

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    no one used adapters on their replicas????


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      Im not sure about your situation but i highly recommend Wheel outfitters of Tampa FL they will make ANYTHING all the adapters i have got are usually 6" round--never had a problem. If you dont buy the ebay ones its worth a try.


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        7 inches seams quite large for a car wheel adapter. I don't have one handy to measure since they are on the vehicle. If I were to guess I would say between 6 and 6.25 would be the standard size. The adapters generally are the same size as the mounting hub of your wheels.

        I can't understand how putting an additional 5mm spacer would help you.

        I would recommend purchasing spacers/adapters hub and wheel centric as well. (Less of a chance of wheel vibration at high speed)
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          I called the place fugazzi gave me and they will make adapters for me.I guess the issue with that ebay seller was their adapters are instead of 6inches, 7inch in diameter which is too big so they hit the brale rotor.Thanks fugazzi and MacGyver I appreciate it


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