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Removing hard tops and body bracing

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  • Removing hard tops and body bracing

    Hi I am new to this forum and was looking for information with regards to cutting off roof sections and bracing the body. I have browsed the topics but did not find any information. I have seen some people do it with square tubing cut into the rockers etc, but that looks less than enough to support the body.
    Could someone point me in the right direction if there is such information.
    I am looking at removing the roof section of a Nissan 300 ZX twin turbo. Any help would be appreciated.


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    No matter how much bracing you put in there. It will never be as strong as it was with a roof.

    Maybe you might be able to speak with some custom shops that do convertible conversions. They may lead you in the right direction. Adding additional support to your a pillars should also be considered.
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      Not sure what a 300 zx looks like frame wise but a very detailed write up for a Fiero over on Pennock's at the link below. Might give you some ideas.

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        Im also very interested in this information as I would like to change the profile of my ZX, long wheelbase

        Most twin turbos are the shorter wheel base, none 2+2 seaters. If this is the case for you Boris, it may be cheaper to replace your car with a convertible ZX model and upgrade the engine to turbo if needed.
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          I do not know the difference in length between the regular and the 2+2, and I do not have a convertable chassis to use although it would be nice if I could find one. I have seen this done before on other cars, but would like to talk to someone who has done this to shorten my learning curve.
          I have seen other jobs where the rear cross members are done, side rails, front cross, sometimes an X member, A pillar, and sometimes the window rails. The only problem is that most of the jobs I have seen are very poor at best.


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            Thanks for the Fiero link, that is what I was looking for. I do remember a guy in the 80's who did 280zx convertables in the Vancouver area.
            I guess the best way is to just start.


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              Boris, My son has a 300z twin turbo and left a dead body shell on my front lawn, I don't think I would ride in it if the roof was cut off, most factory oem manufacturors replace the standard lower sills with a 3mm version of the sill, from what I have seen at the local pickapart, I saw a Toyota MR2 once in a damaged auction the roof had been cut off to get the driver out the front was a little mashed, and once they removed the roof the car had folded in half just in front of the drivers seat, and the fold was sitting on the ground, made me decide to never by an MR2


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