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Do you have to move the engine on a fiero?

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  • Do you have to move the engine on a fiero?

    Hello I am new to the kit car hobby and want to start a build so I am trying to get a couple answers if y'all don't mind.

    1. Must you move the engine in the fiero or mr2?

    2. Do you have to make your own headlights and taillights?

    3. Is it possible to put a ls3 from a 2010 comaro ss engine and transmition into a fiero, mr2?

    4. Should I build the lp640 off of a mr2 or fiero?

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    To build a 640 You stretch the frame of the fiero or mr2, you don't relocate the engine .

    The mr2 is typically stretched inside the passenger compartment
    The fiero is typically stretched in the engine bay . The engines and transmissions all move due to the frame stretch to the proper location , but you don't actually change the mounting of the engine or train

    Anything is possible it you have enough money when it comes to drivetrain swaps , but th simplest fiero swaps are the 3800 v6 supercharged , or the ls4 5.3 v8 that came in se Monte Carlo and impala SS fwd models . You use these front wheel drive drivetrain as a unit- basically the front wheel drive package fits in the rear of the fiero , making the swap simpler than trying to use A camaro engine , which is designed for a car with a driveshaft and sending the power to the other end of the car . Such a swap would easily be over $10,000
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      True true true. Even if you could use the Camaro engine, the transmission wouldn't be usable without spending a ton of money and basically turning it into a V drive.
      Some people make their own headlights and taillights, the higher end "replica" builds opt for OEM parts though. This isn't a cheap hobby at all, unless you are building for the sake of building something yourself, and the end result doesn't have to live up to the car you are trying to replicate. I know people who have spent $15K on their build, and others who've spent $75K.
      You're donor car choice (MR2 vs. Fiero) is up to you, there are pros and cons to each car.
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        V8 Archie sells kits to put LS3s in fieros and does LS3 installations. They're not inexpensive. I don't want to sound condescending, but from your post it sounds like you have a lack of knowledge that would make you a prime candidate for an unfinished project. It will take a lot of skill, knowledge, and money to finish a project like this. There is a lot more to it than buying a $500 fiero and bolting a body to it. Years ago That was my uninformed impression and some sellers will encourage that misconception. For your own sake do a lot more research before you begin. Just the research can be fun and informative by itself. Good luck in your endeavor whatever you decide.
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          Save yourself alot of headaches and money and just buy a higher end Fiero that already has an engine swap done. Personally i'd go for a 3800SC, then a 3.4.
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            Thanks guys yeah I understand now what I asked is kind of ridiculous so I think I'm just going to buy one about 80% finished and finish it from there. I'm going to try to find one with a 3800 swap.

            What 3800 series is best and which is more reliable.


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