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engine swap needed, but for which engine?

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  • engine swap needed, but for which engine?

    I have a VW based kit car and I want to do an engine swap.

    Now this is where it gets a bit silly...

    I got given the car as a project & it hasn't turned a wheel under its own power since the late 80's

    As it stands it has the VW transaxle flipped over (the crown wheel is also flipped) so the transaxle is facing the wrong way (toward the front). Bolted to this is a Hewland adapter plate & bolted to that is a xflow ford engine.

    The original owner was about foot shorter than me & had short legs, the engine is so far forward I cannot drive it as it stands as my knees are close to my ears

    So I figure I could return it to WV spec, but he made the change because with that little weight, it wanted to step the back out all the time.

    Or I could go radical.

    I figure if I remove the trailing arms of the suspension and the engine/gearbox setup, I could graft something in its place, something that has a complete sub frame the holds the engine, gearbox, dif & most importantly the rear suspension.

    So the big question, does anyone know of a car that has all that, at a sensible price?

    Maybe an MR2, fiat X19, or possibly a front wheel drive that I can convert by locking the steering, whatever it is, Iím looking to graft it to the back of the beetle chassis as 1 lump.

    Note: it MUST include all the connections for the suspension as bolting suspension components to fiberglass is frowned upon in the SVA test that fill probably follow.

    Before you ask, yes I am certifiably mad & no this isnít my first project.

    I will post a few pics once I get past the 3 post external links ban.

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    Sounds expensive. Is the Ford an inline engine? Could you gain the room by going with a flat4, or V4, or a V6?


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      Yes it is an inline, didn't think about a V4, that should be more compact & the UK Capri Corsair came with just such an engine which will probably be a direct fit to the adapter, no idea if it is financially viable though.

      A friend also pointed out that a good answer could be to keep the rear suspension from the beetle & then make up engine mounts to take any transverse front engine setup with bespoke driveshaft’s to mate the new engine with the beetle hubs.

      Or maybe a bike engine & gearbox, but then I need a diff & I will probably end up encroaching into the cabin again.


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        Mr2 would be a good start, the twin entry turbo from the mk2 or the 1.8vvti from the mk3, both would be suitable power plants


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